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Even the more uplifting ending was sad. Four stars is more than generous.

But Nick May really did a fine job of acting in a less than stellar role. Ricky is a rather pudgy, scruffy, depressed twenty-one year old. He is left to spend Christmas alone when the middle aged Gay couple he has been sleeping with, leaves him to Low fuck black sex drive sit their nasty, overfurnished flat, and feed their odd assortment of animals.

Ricky can't celebrate Christmas with his family after coming out to his In need of a black top, so his holiday plans include being indiscriminately promiscuous, and committing suicide on Christmas Eve. His Christmas miracle comes when he makes friends with a black kid from the neighbourhood who has two lesbian mothers. Somehow this gives him the courage to keep living.

Like I said, Nick May did an excellent job of making a cheesy role into a character you could sympathise. It wasn't enough to make the film a masterpiece of cinema.

But I've certainly seen worse movies. I guess I should add that watching The Houseboy might be depressing enough to make you want to commit suicide.

So see it with a friend, or at least with a good stiff dose of anti-depressants.