Window or portable AC unit: what’s better to choose?

When it is important to choose a compact and at the same time secure climate system that could work efficiently in summer and winter, it is advisable to pay attention to the window and portable air conditioners.

Window air conditioners


Window air conditioner is a monoblock, which is mounted in window or wall, and combines compressor, condenser and evaporator.

Window unit is set to the space of window opening. These devices are not only able to cool the air in the room, but also heat it. Their power level is less than 7kW.

If conserving floor space is important to you, then it is likely that a window air conditioner is the more suitable. And also important advantage of these devices is, that they can be used as an exhaust fan. Nowadays, they are equipped with remote controls.

The pros and cons of window air conditioning

Advantages of window unit

  • low cost
  • reliability
  • energy efficient
  • easy to install

Advantages of window air conditioners are that they are inexpensive. They are easy to install and practical to use. If device carefully placed, it can cool more than one room. Long term of use makes it possible not to change unit frequently. If we consider them according to price-quality, everything is consistent.

Disadvantages of window unit

  • high noise level
  • installation only in window or thin wall
  • energy consumption

There are some drawbacks, quite noticeable noise when the air conditioner is working. Their installation is only possible in the window opening, or if there is a thin wall. But the major disadvantage is big energy consumption, which greatly affect their popularity.

Portable air conditioners

Portable air conditioning is a mobile monoblock, which cools and filters air in the room. The peculiarity of this unit that it is easy enough to move device and it is not a stationary design.

mobile floor air conditioner with ducts

mobile floor air conditioner with ducts

Portable air conditioner is compact and perfect for any premise, even in the most refined interior. Overall dimensions of unit contain all the features for full air conditioning. It has refrigerant circuit (compressor, condenser and evaporator) and on the street it connects with corrugated tube, which can be placed in a window or doorway or to exhaust vent. Technical features and dimensions as well as mobile design allows placing it in any part of the room or office.

The pros and cons of portable air conditioning

Advantages of portable unit

  • compactness
  • portability
  • no installation costs
  • self-service
  • easy operation

First of all the advantages of portable unit are compactness and mobility. Portable air conditioning does not require additional installation costs. You can determine the place of installation by yourself and bring out the hose in the nearest window or door ventilation. Also good advantage is that you can carry out maintenance by yourself: remove and clean the dust from the fan and filter, empty the tray where condensate is accumulated. Portable air conditioner has a remote control and can be controlled directly from the device.

Disadvantages of portable unit

  • high noise level
  • control of condensate level
  • cost

In spite of advantages, there are also few disadvantages. First of all, portable air conditioners are noisy, because the compressor located practically indoors. One more disadvantage is the need for constant monitoring of water’s level in the container, if it is full it can disconnect the device. In my view the most significant drawback is price of portable air conditioner. In fact, the cost is comparable to a good split-system.

Things to consider when choosing an air conditioner

Choosing an air conditioner you can decide that the noise level of the unit is very important. While there is no discernible difference between portable and window devices, you can find differences between specific models. If the noise factor is important to you, you should look for decibel (dB) rating on the product information. When there is a choice between two models, you will choose the unit with the lower dB rating.

Either a portable or a window air conditioning unit is a great tool for efficiently cooling your home. By assessing your needs and taking into consideration the benefits of each, you can make a right decision between portable and window units.

If you are looking for device with low noise, you should look for decibel rating on the product information. There is no big distinction between portable and window devices, if we are talking about noise. I would say that it’s a difference between specific models. Thus, careful reading of information, of chosen device, provided by producer can help you make right decision to purchase device with lower dB rating.

In addition, if you decide to purchase a window unit, you should pay attention to the BTU rating.
The higher number BTU, the bigger premise the unit can cool.

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