Window air conditioner, how it works

It is necessary to immediately dispel the popular misconception – the window air conditioner may clean and cool only the internal atmosphere of the served room. So it doesn’t take the air from the street, air intake is minimal or almost absent. If you remove the cover from the outer casing of a monoblock,you can detect a metal partition separating device units into two sections, one of which faces the inside of the room, the other – out.Models which can take air from the outer atmosphere and produce the extraction of air from the room have a small hole in the partition separating unit.


During cooling the refrigerant discharged by the compressor is circulating through the circuit between the evaporator inside the monoblock and the heat exchanger on its outer side.The injected by the centrifugal fan air from the room passes through a dust filter, blows the evaporator, then gives the heat to the refrigerant, cools down and returns into the room. The heated refrigerant moves to a heat exchanger on the street side and gives heat to the air outside. Air conditioner working principle is the same for this class of models, also for split systems and for all other classes of air conditioning systems.


Pros and cons of window air conditioners

A significant advantage in favor of window air conditioners is their cost – with equal characteristics and capabilities, window Climatic equipment costs about half the price of split systems. Removing and installing does not create any difficulties for the owners, so there is no need to attract specialists for installing. If necessary, the window model can be transformed into a mobile – you can take it with your bye car and use at any other place. You can’t do the same, if you have a split system.

Monoblock design of the window unit is much more reliable and petite than the design of split-systems. First of all, because of its simplicity – all units are located in the same housing, any plug-in connections in the closed freon piping are completely absent. Bringing the device to a ready-to-work condition produced in a plant, thereby reducing the likelihood of leakage of the refrigerant from the system.It explains the many years of trouble-free service of the window air conitioner. It also almost doesn`t need refilling of refrigerant.
The most serious shortcoming of modern window models is their noise level produced while working – depending on the power the noise level may be of 40-59 dB.

Finally, if you leave the window air conditioner for the winter, then through its body the cold could be penetrated. So it is necessary to take it off for the winter time.

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