Why air conditioner is not working?

Sooner or later each appliances breaks and the air conditioner is not an exception. So the most common problems with air conditioners we indicated it the table below. So if your room air conditioner not cooling try to find your problem there.


Common AC problems

Inside and outside unit of ac not running at all
  • Find out the status of the power, and then turn on the air conditioner again.
  • Plug or turn on the circuit breaker, and then re-operate the air conditioner.
  • Find out the set time on the sleep timer. Again turn-on the device.
Temperature regulation doesn’t work
  • Find out, you may have selected Fan mode (Fan) / Turbo (Turbo). In these modes, desired temperature is automatically set, and you do not have temperature control capabilities.
Warm/cold air doesn’t come from the inside unit or air conditioner not cooling house properly
  • Find out, maybe the temperature you set is below (in heating mode) \ above (in cooling mode) than the current temperature. Press Temp key (temperature) or use remote control in order to change the set temperature.
  • Make sure the air filter is protected from dirt. If there is a lot of dust on the filter, the cooling output (heating) can be reduced. Clean it more often.
  • Find out if the AC system is operating in De-icing mode (De-ice). If the ice is formed, the air conditioner is turned Mode Removing ice (De-ice) automatically. In this mode, the inside unit stops working, and the cool air does not flow.
  • If door or window open, it may lead to an unsatisfactory cooling (heating). It is necessary to close the windows and doors.
  • Find out if the length of the tube is large. When the pipe length exceeds its maximum length, the efficiency of cooling (heating) can be reduced.
The regulation of air flow doesn’t work
  • Make sure you have selected the Auto mode (Auto), the Dry (Dry). In these modes, desired temperature is set in automatic mode, then you cannot regulate the temperature.
The fan speed control doesn’t work
  • Make sure you have selected the Auto mode (Auto) / Dry (Dry) / Turbo (Turbo). In these modes, the fan speed is set in automatic mode, then you cannot control the temperature.
Remote control doesn’t work
  • Find out if the batteries are drained.
  • Make sure the remote control detector is not blocked by anything.
  • Find out if there are strong lighting apparatus near the air conditioner. Powerful light from fluorescent bulbs or neon lights, can interrupt the electromagnetic waves.
Timer is not set
  • Find out if you press the Set ¬†button on the remote control after you set the time.
Continuous LED flashing
  • Press the Power button or unplug / switch off the auxiliary power switch. If the light continues to flash, contact the warranty service center
Smells penetrate into the room
AC unit works loudly
  • Depending on the mode in which air conditioning is applied, the noise can be heard, when the refrigerant flow movement is changing. It is normal.
Smoke emits from the outside unit
  • As it cannot be ignited, then it may be a vapor arising during defrosting of the heat exchanger of the outdoor unit in the Heat mode (heating) in the winter season.
Water dripping from the connecting tubes of the outdoor unit
  • It can be happened due to temperature difference. It is normal.

Reasons why air conditioner doesn’t work

Clogging of the indoor unit filters

Filters clogged aggravates air flow of the heat exchanger, and it can lead to a decrease in performance of the air conditioner in the cold or heat mode. Apart from all this, an abnormality of the system can result in frosting of copper piping. During turn-off of HVAC equipment ice begins to melt, and then water will drip from the inside unit.

Excessive clogging of filters will result in contamination of the drainage system with lumps of dust and disruption of conventional condensate drain. Filters purification must be done every two – three weeks, and in case of high air pollution in the room – even more often. To cleanse the filters they need to be washed in warm water and then dried, and cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. Operating Period of filters of delicate air purification in a metropolis rarely exceeds three – four months.

Clogged of the heat exchanger of the outdoor unit

Poplar fluff often becomes the reason of the clogging of heat exchanger. It leads to compressor overheating and later to its full break. According to experts, poplar fluff in 30% of breakdowns becomes a reason of AC breakage.

Cleaning of the heat exchanger must be produced after the winter season and also sometimes during other seasons. Fallen leaves,  street litter etc can easy contaminate the heat exchanger. Cleaning must be produced very attentively in order not to spoil thin plate fins. So it is better to blow out the dust and poplar fluff with compressed air. It will not damage thin plate fins.

Refrigerant leak

The next most common reason of the air conditioning failure is refrigerant leak. The value of normalized leakage is 6 … 8% per year. This leakage occurs continuously, even if high quality mounting system. It is considered inevitable consequence of the presence of connecting tube joints.


In order to compensate the leak, every 1.5-2 years the refueling of refrigerant must be produced. Otherwise, the amount of the refrigerant will fall below the minimum allowed value, which will lead to overheating of the compressor and its jamming. The very first indication of reducing the amount of refrigerant is the frost or ice on the compounds of the outdoor unit. Another indication – bad cooling or heating.

Refrigerant leak is dangerous due to following reasons:

  • probability of compressor overheating;
  • compressor lubrication system is broken, so oil can get into the heat exchanger.

So if you feel the smell of burning and the AC turns-off automatically (overheating protection), it indicates a leak of refrigerant.

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