Which hairdryer to buy?

A while ago the purpose of the hair dryer was only to dry our hair. But nowadays the hair dryer is designed for the hairstyles as well as for the drying. With the help of a professional blow dryer, you can give volume, straighten your natural curls and curly tresses of any diameter, style the hair in any direction including uncombed unruly hair. In other words, you can do whatever you want if in you possess a hair dryer.

Today it has become fashionable to buy a professional blow dryer for household use. Unlike ordinary household blow dryer, the professional one is designed to work with almost all types of hair.

For safe drying, your device must have all needed temperature settings and power.Therefore, the best hair dryer for the whole family is a professional hair dryer. The professional one can withstand heavy loads, has different modes for different types of hair, different attachments allow to create different hairstyles. But such a device is a powerful tool, and you must know how to use it.

Cheap household hair dryer with low power and low weight, which is enough to dry the short and thin hair, can over-dry your chevelure before coping with thick, frizzy and long hair. Or procedure of drying will take about half an hour or even longer. One year of usage the usual hair dryer which does not match your hair type will turn the healthiest hair into brittle and weakened.

But a professional hair dryer is suitable for anyone. Each member of the family will be able to enjoy, setting the modes which are required precisely to their hair type.

Worth to Note: Always use heat protectant products, especially if you frequently use a hairdryer.

Remember, a good blow dryer minimizes the risk of damage to the hair, the bad one definitely hurts. Heat protectant sprays create a protective shield around the hair, which protects hair from over-dry and burning. Professional hair dryers have the thermal protection. Proper mode selection will allow retaining moisture. But for frequent hair styling, even with professional hairdryer of the best quality and the best technologies you still need the heat protectant.

If the health of your hair is precious for you and time you spend on the styling, boldlybe sure that choosing a professional hair dryer is a right choice.

Modes of professional blow dryer

The kit that you need at home for gentle hair care is only two speed and three heat settings modes. For the professional hairdryers there are settings with sixtemperature and sixspeed modes. But if you aren’t a hairdresser, this kit won’t come in handy.

You can use the maximum power and temperature to remove excess moisture before the styling of thick and healthy hair. For the preparation of thin and weakened hair, you should use the average temperature mode. The hairstyle can be done at a low speed and temperature conditions.

If you have a healthy and strong hair, you can dry it with very hot air. But colored and damaged hair needs special temperature mode and heat protectants to prevent hair damage. When you style a thin and weakened hair, choose a reduced speed and temperature modes.

For curly hair set lower temperature and don’t use an airflow concentrator.

For straight perfect styling, you should always choose the right temperature and put the concentrator on.

Attachments: diffusers, airflow concentrators

Any of attachments facilitate ways to create a good hair style. They may be sold with complete of a blow dryer or separately. Remember, buying an attachment separately from the dryer, make sure that it fits exactly your device.

Diffuser you may need only to style natural curly hair. If your hair is straight you don’t need this attachment, even if you regularly curl your hair. It can also be used for styling straight hair, but usually, it requires the skill of a professional.

Such an attachment gives the volume for natural curly hair of any length. Use when you want to get a freely flapping or lush curly hair.

The diffuser should be used only at the lowest speed and in the lowest temperature mode. However, remember you need to know how to use the diffuser, otherwise, you will get a complete mess instead of flapping curly hair.

The airflow concentrator is designed to direct the flow of air exactly where you need for styling and straightening the hair. The combination of the lowest speed and high temperature is perfect for such an attachment. The concentrator helps to direct the concentrated flow of hot air along the length of the hair from the roots to the tips, so that the cuticle (outer protective scaly coat of hair) is closed, fixing the desired shape.

This attachment is most effective for straightening curly hair and for curling straight lines on curlers or round brushes.

Be careful, the concentrator concentrates hot air! Therefore, when working in high speed and high temperature modes, do not direct a jet of hot air to the scalp, ears and face! Only on the hair. Otherwise, you just burn yourself!

Do not touch the hair directly the concentrator, especially when the blow dryer is at maximum power, you will burn your hair. Always hold the nose of the concentrator at a distance of 2-3 cm from the hair.

Usability of blow dryer


Most cheap household hair dryers have a cord length of 1.8 meters, but there are also devices with an ultra-short cord. Such a small cable can be a problem when your socket is far from the mirror. And a blow dryer connected to an extension is not really comfortable for using.

Most professional blow dryers have a cord length of 2.7 – 3 meters.

The cord should be enough flexible and not thin. Fastening the cord to the dryer is preferably a freely rotating element. This is convenient when there is a loop on which you can hang a hairdryer on the hook in the bathroom.

Weight of the blow dryer

Heavy professional hair dryers weighing 680 grams for home use are uncomfortably if you do not have a habit for them. The longer and thicker your hair, the more important the weight of the hair dryer, because you have to waved it.

The lightest hairdryers are travel hair dryers, but they have limited capabilities: lower power (up to 1200 W), fewer modes (usually 2) and shorter wire.

The optimum weight of a professional hair dryer for home use is from 400 to 500 grams. For short hair, the weight issue does not really matter.

Blow dryers with ceramic, ionic and tourmaline coating

Professional hair dryers, equipped with the latest modern technology, gently dry and style your hair. Nowadays these blow dryers can be used more often, without depleting or damaging your curls.

Ceramic. The heating element of such a hair dryer is ceramic and warms evenly. Heat safely penetrates the inside of the hair, and does not burn it from the inside. Therefore, a professional hair dryer with a ceramic heater is very difficult to burn or dry your hair. If you often straighten your curls – this technology you just need.

In cheap household appliances there is a metal heating element, which gives an intense and uneven heat. As a result, water boils out of the hair. The hair are easily over-dried and as a result become thinner, brittle, lose elasticity and shine. Even heat protectant can’t cope with the frequent aggressive impact of cheap blow dryers on your hair.

Ionic. Blow dryers with such a function, a generator gives off negative ions. As a result, it moisture water droplets for minimum time. Your hair will be less frizzy after drying, hair will become smoother and shinier. This technology is especially useful for owners of natural curly and wavy hair.

Tourmaline. Tourmaline is a semi-precious metal, natural crystal that, when heated, actively emits a mass of negatively charged ions, which make the hair obedient, smooth and shiny. Professional hair dryers with tourmaline coating produce more ions than the ones with simple ionization. So if your hair frizzy or thick this is what you need for everyday using.

There are blow dryers only with one of the listed functions, but, a really good investment in the health and beauty of hair, are professional hair dryers, equipped with a combination of two or three technologies at once.

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