Which cooker is cheaper to use – gas or electric?

If we compare modern electric and gas cookers, each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Of course, it is better to choose the cheaper kitchen appliances. But in order to determine, which is more efficient gas or electric, it is necessary to make some tests.


Gas cookers

There are diverse: with one or four burners, with an oven without it, they can be connected to the gas mains or cylinder with liquefied gas.


  1. A lower price (usually 10-20% lower) compared to electric;
  2. Quickly heats cookware, heating levels can be adjusted smoothly by increasing or decreasing the flow of gas to the burner;
  3. Cooking takes less time because the food is actually cooked on an open fire – its temperature is higher than the temperature of the hotplate of electric cookers;
  4. For the same power consumption you have to pay for gas less then electricity.
  5. Essential equipment in homes without electricity.


  1. Less security. The smallest gas leak can lead to tragedy;
  2. Oven temperature is poorly regulated. It is difficult to set a definite oven temperature of heating, heating level is set by experience;
  3. The formation of soot. Additives it the gas form oil soot which is deposited on the surface of the dish.

Gas stove is for those who are used to value your time, likes healthy food and not interested in baking. Especially useful it is in suburban homes, without electricity, a gas cylinder can be used as the gas source.

Electric cookers

Household cookers are very diverse, they are equipped with timers, temperature sensors, additional devices for cooking on the grill.


  1. Easy oven with a fine temperature control, additional functions of the grill;
  2. Once professionally connected electrical ensures complete safety of users;
  3. It does not pollute the environment.


  1. Higher cost in comparison with a gas cooker;
  2. No fine adjustment of the heating temperature of the cooking surface as compared to the gas stove;
  3. The burners are slowly warmed and slowly cools down, respectively, require more time for cooking;
  4. Operation depends on the availability of electricity.
  5. Higher expenses for payment of consumed energy resources. Can argue. First we need to know, how many watts does a electric stove use (you’ll find it here). Then we need to consider, how many watts of energy will be spent on cooking. Depending on the price of electricity, it may be that electric cooker will be cheaper. But let’s talk about this later.
  6. Electricity is spent on heating of the surrounding space.

Electric stove is convenient for those people who have enough power of and a special wiring in the house. It suited for the hosts, who are fond of baking and love to cook in the oven. Manufacturers of household kitchen appliances also release combined variants. They may have electrical and gas burners (for example, one electrical and two or three gas) and an electric oven. They are more convenient, but security requirements are hard when using.

Electric cookers of latest developments – electric ceramic hob are completely devoid of most of the disadvantages. They quickly heat up and so cool down. Induction surface heat the bottom of the cookware made of ferromagnetic materials. 95% of electricity consumption is spent on heating the food (high efficiency). Read more about energy consumption of inductions cookers.

But the main question is another – is it cheaper to cook with gas or electric?

Heating gas or electric cooker – which is cheaper to run?

Gas and electric burners (right)

Take look at a comparison of the two relatively similar cookers – gas and electric.

  Gas cooker (Liberty PG3020BG-DCB(412)) Induction (Electrolux EHH 3920 BOK)
Power of burners 4.2 kW or 0.42 m3 per hour 3.2 kW per hour
Energy consumption per month 12.6 m3 96 kW
Price 6,3$ 14,4$

How much gas stove consumes

Gas consumption considered as: experimental device – Liberty PG3020BG-DCB (412), with two burners. The total capacity of 4.2 kW. Convert kW into m3: 1 m3 of gas is 10 kW, 4.2 kW – 0.42 m3 of gas per hour at full power burners. The work plate for an hour a day, even at full power will cost 12.6 m3 gas per 30 days. The average rate at this stage for 1 m3 of gas is 0.5$, so 12.6 m3 will cost 6,3$ (use your fare for calculation. We used the average price of the gas in Europe).

How much power electric induction cooker use?

Calculate power consumption for induction cooker Electrolux EHH 3920 BOK, with two burners. The total capacity of the burners 3.2 kW, multiplied by 30 days. For a month we use 96 kW. Tariff for 1 kW – 0.15 USD or 14.4 USD per month.

So what is the cheapest way to boil water gas or electric?

It should be noted that this comparison is not entirely true. The fact that the efficiency of induction cooker much higher due to absence of large heat loss. In order to boil the same amount of water induction plate will require 5 times less time. Therefore, the induction electric cooker is used much less frequently which leads to savings.

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