When your washing machine not draining

You have decided to wash clothes and noticed that your washer won’t drain? Unfortunately, this problem is one of the most common. The reasons for its occurrence can be different.

washing machine not draining

But before we talk about the reasons, let’s look at the way this problem manifests itself. And what its varieties are:

  • Draining is going very slowly, while the program may crash.
  • During the cycle it stops at the moment when the water must be drained. Draining of water does not happen.
  • During some washesthe water is drained, but during other ones it’s not.
  • During the wash everything’s okay, but when the rinse, there’s no water drained.
  • The spin mode is blocked after the drain.

What could be the possible reasons of this fault? Let’s enumerate them:

  • The connecting pipe is clogged with garbage.
  • There is an extra thing in the pump.
  • The pump is clogged with waste.
  • The pump is broken.
  • The drain or the siphon is blocked.
  • The drain hose is clogged out.

But first of all make sure that you’re not the one who had broken it!

  • Check out, of the washing cycle is chosen rightly. Almost every washing machine has an option of spotting the cycle when the water isn’t drained yet, and when no spinning happened. Typically, this mode is used for washing delicate fabrics and wool: the careful rinsing without spinning does not deform things and they do not stretch and do not wrinkle. If you select to stop the water,you must press “Start / Pause / Cancel” and run the water drain program.
  • Check out the drain hose. It might be overbent or damaged. So the water cannot flow in a proper way.
  • Check out, if there’s no clog in the siphon or a drain. You are to disconnect the drain hose, place it in your bathtub or in the sink, and then turn on any random cycle. It the water flows quickly without stopping, it means that there’s a clog in the sewage system. You need to clean it out by yourself or call a locksmith.

But if you have chosen the right program and all “external communications” work normally, there is a breakage in the washer itself. In this case we recommend unplugging the washing machine, to get out the laundry and drain the water using the drain filter.

Some tips for you when cleaning the parts of a washer:

  • Make sure to keep a bucket and towels around. When you remove the pump screen or a filter, all the water in the washer will flow out.
  • If your laundry room is small, you may need to move the washer to a place where you can work on it more easily, such as a driveway or garage.


  • Unplug the machine before you perform maintenance on any appliance!
  • If at any point you feel uncomfortable with the repair process and are afraid you will break the machine, stop what you are doing and call a professional. It will probably be cheaper than replacing your machine later, in case of fault.

Possible reasons

You cannot fix the breakage anyhow if you don’t know the exact reason. We do not recommend fixing it by yourself even when you can diagnose the problem, but you still have to be aware of factors that may entail such problems.

The problem Reasons
The clogged drain pipe or filter Typically, the filter is located in front of the drain pump. It holds small threads, fluff and small objects, which, when released into the drain pump, can bring it down.

Possibly, the filter is so clogged that the water cannot go. It is necessary to clean it. To do this, unscrew the filter and rinse it under running water.

If the blockage is in the small pipe, then it is necessary to work inside the machine. In this case, most likely you cannot do that without a master.

The pump malfunction The pump has “burned down”. The pump in the washing machine looks like a small carousel. Spinning at high speed, it drains the water in the sewage.

If the pump burned out, it needs to be replaced.

The malfunction of a programming unit or control panel If the control module is out of order, there’s no signal from the control board to to the pump motor and the water is not drained.


The repair the control module is needed.

The water level sensor has gone wrong In case of the pressure switch (or the water sensor) breakage, the pressure switch does not record if the water in the machine is still left. The control module receives a signal that all the water is drained and you can complete the program. But actually it remains inside the washer.

In that case the sensor must be replaced.

But in most cases most washers come with a troubleshooting manual. Always use it when you have some problems with your appliance.

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