When your fridge not getting cold

A refrigerator is very important device in a home, because it provides the storage of foodstuffs. One of the frequently happened problems is the working of refrigerator without cooling. In such case a refrigerator stops execute its main function. This problem is enough serious, because a refrigerator with such working can break.

If you notice such fault, you should immediately worry about it. Even if your refrigerator started work normally after some time, it doesn’t mean that the fault be repaired because of nothing, because it’s impossibly. You should promptly call a specialist, otherwise your refrigerator will fully break, and you will need to buy the new device.

fridge not getting cold

Reasons of fault

If you want to understand, why fridge not getting cold and what you should to do, you need investigate the all possible reasons of such work. There are many reasons, which are possible… You need to understand the structure of refrigerator for understanding, why it stops working. You could do it by looking at schemes, which is easy to find in the internet.

Firstly, inspect the density of closing of the device’s door. It’s possible that some subject prevents for closing the door tightly, therefore the hermeticity of chamber is broken, and fridge stops cooling. Well, actually, it’s cooling, but the cold go away from the chamber of refrigerator, and the foodstuffs are not cooling. It’s truly easy to understand, if there is exactly this problem.

Firstly, of cause, you should inspect the door. Also, estimate the temperature in freezer. If it’s warmly inside the refrigerator, but the freezer is working in the normal regime and cooling foodstuffs, the problem can be exactly in the door. Because, if the system of cooling would become broken, the all device would stop cooling.

Also, the device can stop cooling foodstuffs, because the fan inside it is frozen. It can happen, if the refrigerator didn’t unfreeze long ago. In the result of it, the fridge became pale and stops working. Therefore, if you heard that the device become work quieter and it’s not cooling, the reason most likely is in the fan. In such case you should not strongly worry. Just disconnect the refrigerator form the network and let the fridge to unfreeze.

unfreeze needed

unfreeze needed

The modern refrigerators need truly small time for unfreezing. After the unfreezing you should carefully wipe the all metallic and plastic details, because drops of water could be on these details and these drops can ice over while working. It could lead to the repeated fault or even to final fault.

If it is very warmly in the house and the temperature in refrigerator’s sections is adjusted on maximum, this is also could be the reason of fault. In this situation the compressor of refrigerator doesn’t sustain the high loading. More often the freezer is cooling-down first, and already after that the main section is cooling.

Some of the device is turned on to maximum, the all its forces are directed on the freezer, and it’s already not enough power for main section. In such case you could think that the refrigerator stops produce cold. For correction of this problem, you just need adjust the middle temperature of cooling, approximately, 16ºC. The system uniformly distributes cold on sections.

Faults, which requires help of specialist

If the fridge not working, it could be another one possible reason – the leak of freon. Maybe, you made unfreezing of the refrigerator and you try to help it execute this process quicker. The housewives often try to break off blocks of ice by the knives, rolling pins and other subjects. It’s absolutely inadmissibly, because it’s really easy to break the contour. Because of mechanical impact freon will escape outside, and the system of cooling will be broken.

place where freon leaks

place where freon leaks

In such situation the fridge will work, but it will can not cooling. Many housewives can’t immediately understand that the reason of fault exactly in this. It probably happens because the lamp is lighting, the engine is buzzing. With such fault you need necessarily call a specialist. He will find the broken place, make pressurization and charge the system of cooling by freon.

If you noticed that engine buzz, but it doesn’t freeze, and the lamp is lighting while it, it’s possibly that the refrigerator is not cooling because of the thin coat of rust on the contour. It can happen because of increased condensate. The drops of water fall on plastic and create microcracks, through which freon starts to escape. So, the working of the system of cooling becomes broken.

You will also need help of a specialist for repairing of this problem. He will remove faulty part of contour and change it to the new one and charge the system by freon. It’s not the very hard procedure. This procedure will help you to preserve your fridge and make its life longer. In general, you can avoid such troubles, if you will control carefully that the water will not accumulate in the device. You need remove water by a wimp. You should not turn on the refrigerator, which is still not dried after the unfreezing, because the rest water can make the big enough damage.

The fridge can stop cooling because the drizzle and the blocks of ice appear on its walls. In such case the system of cooling become broken, and freon flow out in some part. This fault is serious enough, which requires the intervention of professionals. The repairing of such fault is expensive and long enough procedure, which is executed only in the service centers.

You should watch carefully at the condition of refrigerator. It will help to avoid absence of cooling. If you will keep the refrigerator in cleanliness and control the safety of its details, you will probably never have some pretensions to its work.

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