What’s better to choose: dryer or a washer with dryer?

The modern washing machines can dry the linen really good and fast. But there are good dryers, which also can dry the linen well enough. Of cause, some people could just be not sure enough, which variant for drying linen is better: a washer with drying or a dryer. Well, firstly it’s important to mark advantages and disadvantages of both of these variants.

About features of washers


If you have house or flat, which is not very big, or you just like the space, you should probably choose the washer. The dryer would take enough much space, which could be inappropriate for people with really small houses. This advantage of a washer with drying is significant enough and it could be critical for some people in their choice. But also you should know: a dryer and a washer installed in a column take not much place:

nice solution: to install a dryer above a washing machine

nice solution: to install a dryer above a washing machine

If you have a small family or if you live alone, the washer with drying would be more appropriate. It will be more rational variant, because you will just not need dryer. The drying of a washing machine will be absolutely enough for you. So, you probably should not spend space for a dryer in such case, you just have not reasons for it.

If you have not much time and you want to save every second or, at least, minute, a washing machine with drying is probably more suitable exactly for you. Why? Because if you would use a dryer, you would need to replace linen from washing machine to dryer. Well, it could not take much time, but… Some people could be too busy even for it.

If you just don’t want to do something, which you could avoid, this reason for using only washer with drying is actual too. If you have not some serious reasons for purchase a dryer, a washing machine with drying could be truly more appropriate. Even if you have really much time, you could spend it for something more interesting and helpful…

You should consider a possible weight of linen with drying by a washer with drying. If this weight is not too small for you, well, you should think twice before purchase a dryer. It’s truly very possibly that you just not need such thing at all. If you would make conclusion that you don’t need dryer, you would economize money and space.

If you don’t use often the regime of drying, you probably don’t need a dryer. So, you should count the number of times, where you need to dry a linen, also, you should keep in mind the possible weight. You should try to estimate, will be a washing machine with drying enough for you, or you need a dryer.

If you will adjust program right and wait the signal about the ending of drying, you will have a result, which will probably absolutely enough for you. Of cause, it will be, if such washing machine is appropriate for you at least by some criteria, which are described above.

About features of dryers

a dryer

The dryers could be absolutely necessary and unnecessary too, it depends on concrete situation. If you want to purchase a dryer, you should keep in mind that such things are really big. Of cause, if you live in more or less big house or flat, such disadvantage could not seem so strong. But, if you live in a little flat or house…

Well, actually, if you have a skill to put different things by such way that they could look good even in a really small room, such skill will probably not help you at all in such case. A dryer as a washing machine with drying should stand in the place, where it’s possible to connect it with a sewerage. So, the size of your home is really important.

The dryers have many truly important advantages. These subjects could be really necessary for some people. Well, if your home is truly small, you probably couldn’t to purchase such thing, but if your home is more or less large and you have a big family, well, maybe a dryer could be really helpful and appropriate for you.

dryer and a washer

Well, which advantages the dryers have? If you want to dry some linen, while other linen would be wash, you should pay attention at the dryers. If you would purchase such device, you could wash and dry simultaneously. Such advantage could be really important for people, which need to wash and dry really big number of linen.

If you have a big family, you probably need to wash really large number of linen. If you have not enough much time, or you just have not a place, where you could hang a linen, well, the dryer is just necessary! These things have more or less volume of cylinder, which would let you to dry there enough much linen.

Actually, if your home is big enough and you have enough money for buying a dryer, well, such device as a dryer could be really helpful thing. Well, maybe you don’t need it right now, but it’s possible that you will need such thing later. Maybe, it seems that the washing machine with drying is absolutely enough exactly for you, but if you would try to use a dryer, you would change your opinion.

This washer dryer comparison could show you that both of these variants could be appropriate, you just need to understand, which one is more suitable exactly for you. If you will make a right conclusion, you will probably not ever regret about your choice.

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