What’s better: percolator of drip coffee maker?

There are different ways to make delicious and tasteful coffee. They are the using of a drip coffee maker and a percolator. In this article, we are going to inform you what the distinctions between these two coffee machines are.

Percolator is more ancient and simpler in using. It brings the already ground coffee and with the help of hot water brews it into a cup of excellent-smelling black drink. There is one danger with this coffee-making equipment: it can brew ground beans two times i.e. the hot water will be recirculated.



It was invented in XIX centenary. But its system, tool, and structure were improved a lot through the time. The electric percolators can easily control timing and temperature. Nonetheless, the percolator was invented a long time ago and it has its own disadvantages, you can easily improve its work by using and observing the coffee making proceeding. Then you will know how your percolator quirks. And you can avoid erroneous kind of using and get an amazing and flavorful coffee!

Nowadays there are more various types of percolators than drip coffee machines. If percolator does not require electricity, many people prefer to use them during camping, picnic, travel and other open-air activities.

People and percolators were happily and inseparably living together until the creation and later popularization of automatic drip coffee makers in the early 1970s. The electric drip coffee maker has arguably been the most popular and for some specialists’ opinion most useful coffee maker in the home over the last 30 years or so.

Drip coffee maker

Drip coffee maker

The technical process of coffee machine is following: a thermosiphoning process is employed to draw the water through a heated pipe where it heats up and is then uniformly deposited onto the coffee with a spray head. The carafe often is heated to keep the coffee hot after it is made.

Many drip coffee makers encompass useful details such as automatic timers to start the brewing process and a safety shutoff timer that switches off the heating element under the carafe after a set period time. That is extremely important because of crazy life rhythm our generation has less time for health nighttime dream that’s why we try to save time by every possible way. So when this busy person awakes the sooner he would get coffee the better. Using drip coffee maker requires for this only pushing button and for several minutes while doing another stuff you will get pleasant, flavorful invigorating drink.

With the help of modern technologies, the taste of coffee which was made in drip coffee machine is smoother, milder and softer. While brewing coffee in higher technology in percolator plus recirculation leads to stronger caffeine containing and sometimes bitter due to over extraction. This happens if you left coffee on the heat too long.

As we know tastes always differ. For someone this robust favor will seem as unbearable, creepy and disgusting and because of it, many coffee lovers have dumped previous old-fashioned gadgets. But others feel something special in this flavor and say that it is an index of courtliness.

Nevertheless, percolator requires spending more energy and efforts on making coffee process. And unfortunately, it is already concerned as the old-fashioned device for drinks preparing. In our century there was created the whole science of coffee making which consist of thousands of cafes, baristas, the variety of tastes, flavors and so on. We suppose that “coffee preparing science” will be moving at a stunning pace. But now we can use any device to make coffee following their advantages and disadvantages and our preferences or affections.

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