What to look for in a dishwasher while buying?

The famous author of many detective stories, Agatha Christie, used to say, that thoughts about bloody murders usually came to her mind, when she was busy with washing dishes. She’s no exception: a lot of people all over the world hate this process and try to avoid it, if it is possible. The scariest phrase you can hear is “Today is your turn to wash dishes”. It can ruin your day and bring your down, but now there is a solution for everyone: you may buy a dishwasher. This can keep your hands away from dirty dished and save your precious time. But there is one more concern: how to buy a dishwasher of a good quality, which can help you out for years?

how to choose a dishwasher

Having a desire to buy it is not enough: you must also be aware about what to look for in a dishwasher while buying, and how to avoid throwing money away, but also to make a good investment?

Parameters to pay attention to

To make a right choice, buyers have to think about many things. We must notice, that there’s no guarantee that an expensive dishwasher will serve in the best way for a long time. Specialists say, that criteria of a good dishwasher do not affect the price much; but the brand and the look of the machine really do.

First of all, you have to choose between an integrated (or built-in) and freestanding dishwasher. The integrated one looks good in the kitchen, but you have to do many measurements to decide, if it fits into the place between other stuff or not. The room will not look crowded and you will have more free space. The freestanding one may be put anywhere and doesn’t require any supporting panel though, so if your kitchen is old, and you didn’t bother about the dishwasher in the past, this may be your safe card. Nowadays, when you choose a new kitchen, the sellers usually recommend to purchase any integrated dishwasher of brands they do business with. It is very easy.

freestanding model

freestanding model

integrated dishwasher

integrated dishwasher

Do not pay much attention to the brand awareness, novelty of a product or fashionable design. This is not the thing you will think about in two years. To but a good dishwasher, you need to mind:

  • Dishwasher dimensions
  • Energy efficiency
  • Peak-load
  • The effectiveness of washing and drying process
  • Noise level
  • Cycles and programs

Let’s take a closer look at every parameter.


The size really matters, when you are to choose a dishwasher. If a kitchen is small, it can be really difficult to find a dishwasher of a proper size. But the peak load depends on the size. The standard size is about 60x60x85. It would be enough to put 14 dish sets in there. It’s optimized for a 5-6 members family.

More compact dishwashers can serve a family of 3 members. They have good capacity as well and wash in a proper way, but cost less.

A dishwasher of the average (standard) size is recommended more often, because the water (while washing) goes in several directions, unlike in the compact machines, which makes the work of a dishwasher more productive.

Power rating and energy efficiency

There are not so many options; almost every model produced today has A-class, the highest one. A dishwasher reduces the water supply you usually need. As usual, the average water consumption is 15-10 l. Washing by hand, you consume three times more water and also will have many contacts with detergents.

The drawback is that the energy consumption is higher. A cycle usually takes about 1-2 kW, depending on the program.


Different models have different drying systems. The more effective and economical way is to dry dishes with a special fan within.

Leak protection

Almost every model is equipped with systems, which are to stop the supply of water in case of leaks. The more complex the system is, the higher is the price of a dishwasher. But the risk you avoiding is really worth the money you spend.

Noise level

It is better to purchase a quiet dishwasher, which works almost silently. Older machines or machines of low quality usually produce more noise. Sometimes noise can be caused by the wrong way of loading dishes.

Cycles and programs

Talking about dishwashers, it’s necessary to notice, that good dishwashers usually offer many options of washing, including following programs:

  • Half-Load functions helps to reduce the energy and water consumption, and also the detergent save.
  • Heavy Wash is the most appropriate way to wash heavily soiled dishes.
  • Quick Wash deals very fast with slightly soiled glasses and plates.
  • The program called “China” is helpful for washing fragile glass, crystal, marble and other materials, which are easy to break.
  • Pre-Rinse cycle is your best assistant, when you need to wash out the baked-on stains and food pieces from frying pans, casseroles and roasting dishes.

Read more about dishwasher cycles and programs

A good dishwasher has most of these cycles by default, that’s what makes them more effective and easier to use.

Making a conclusion: all of these advantages are there for the taking, as long as you are willing to spend a little time and effort right here.To buy what you want you must have an exact image of a dishwasher of your dream and the functions it should have. And of course, mind your budget, but remember what have said above: not every cheap dishwasher is bad, and not every expensive one is the best. We can’t just tell you the one dishwasher that is best for you since only you can arrive at that decision.

Every person has different requirements and wishes; and the only way to pick the ‘best’ dishwasher is for you to do a little detective work. Start your search for the perfect dishwasher by reading through the basic descriptions of the types of dishwashers that you can choose. Then look at the various articles that help you to understand the different options and features that you can buy.

You may ask your friends what dishwashers they use, and ask them about the price, advantages and drawbacks of using them. According to others’ recommendation and with the help of our guide, you can choose the proper variant for you and your family, which will be very helpful and will save time.

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