What temperature must be set in your fridge?

The right keeping of foodstuffs requires correct temperature for refrigerator and freezer. If you want that your foodstuffs would be in a good condition during long enough period of time, you should pay attention at the temperature for refrigerator. If your refrigerator has a freezer, you should also care about the right temperature for it.

temperature in fridge

Which temperature must be adjusted?

There are some world standards. The refrigerators and freezers in good order comply with these standards. You could change the temperature in refrigerator or freezer, but you can not make these temperatures more than maximum and less than minimum. The manufacturers adjust these maximum and minimum.

The providers of foodstuffs need to calculate the shelf life of concrete foodstuffs. They can guarantee the freshness of their goods, if these goods would be kept in the defined conditions. The standard regime of device’s working makes easier keeping foodstuffs in the appropriate storage conditions.

The different foodstuffs need different storage conditions. So, a refrigerator must have a possibility of keeping with different temperatures. You could find some recommendations for way of filling the volume of chamber. If you will know such aspects, you will probably mitigate the risks of keeping foodstuffs in the unsuitable storage conditions.

Temperature areas of refrigerator

There are areas in the refrigerator with different temperature. It’s important and even necessary solution, because it lets you to keep different foodstuffs in storage conditions, which are appropriate exactly for them. If you like to prepare the food and you have the more or less big and dissimilar ration, you surely need all of these areas.


temperature in freezer and refregirator monitoring

temperature in freezer and refregirator monitoring

The temperature for freezer is adjusted since -6ºC till -24ºC. The regimes of working, which are available in freezer, are marked by the stars. The each star matches to decrease on 6ºC. The optimal temperature of freezer in a refrigerator is -18ºC. This middle temperature is a standard for the majority of modern models.

The regime of working, where the temperature decrease to -24ºC, is used only for quick freezing. The continuance of keeping the foodstuffs in freezer depends on temperature in freezer and kind of foodstuffs. Well, in other words an optimal temperature in freezer requires individual attitude.

Area of freshness

Area of freshness

Such area doesn’t exist in all models. But the manufacturers more often provide for this area. The temperature in such area must not be bigger, than +1ºC. Usually such temperature is 0ºC. This temperature contributes to the truly big stopping of reproduction of microbes even in the most favorable environment. But the foodstuffs don’t freeze, so it keeps better its valuable properties. Also, it better keeps smell, color and taste. The all foodstuffs in this area must be packed up in a hermetic packing.

Which foodstuffs are more appropriate for keeping in this area? Well, this is the next kinds of foodstuffs: fresh meat and fish (except black and red caviar); sausage items and meat semi-prepared foods; cheese and milky production (except curd); green, vegetables and fruits (except tender tropical fruits, which better to not keep in a refrigerator).

Rest sections

The lowest shelves or drawers are for storage of vegetables, fruits, roots and salted foods. The maximum temperature, which is permissible in this section according to standards, is +8ºC. This level is supposed as the maximum level for any regime of device’s working.

The nearest shelf to the freezer is appropriate for storage of meat, fish, confectionary, culinary semi-prepared foods, sausages, eggs, milk. The temperature on this shelf is supported since +2ºC till +4ºC. The area for egg’s storage is usually located in the top of the door, near to freezer.

The normal temperature in a refrigerator in the middle of the volume of chamber must be since +3ºC till +6ºC. It’s an optimal area for storage of bread, soups, vegetables, sauces and many other foodstuffs.

Regulations of refrigerator’s usage

  • The all foodstuffs must be packed up. It’s necessary, because otherwise foodstuffs could parch, spread its scents and absorb other scents. Furthermore, the quality packing defends foodstuffs from the intrusion of bacteria.
  • Never put anything hot or even just a little bit warm in a refrigerator. Wait to the all cooling-down.
  • Don’t forget close the doors, otherwise the temperature inside will decrease.
  • Don’t pack the volume of chamber by the packings and boxes too tight. Otherwise the circulation of the cold air will be broken, and your foodstuffs will not become cool normally. How much is permissible to put depends from the volume of refrigerator. It’s especially not recommended to put in the chamber simultaneously too big number of the worm foodstuffs. If you have a need to do exactly this, it’s better to adjust more intensive regime of device’s working (adjust less degrees).

Well, now you know about the right temperature for different areas of refrigerator. If you will use your refrigerator rationally and you will put the appropriate foodstuffs in the appropriate areas, you will succeed the truly quality and safety storage of your foodstuffs. Such knowledge is very important, and you should surely pay attention at the all areas of your refrigerator for understanding, where to keep one or another foodstuff.

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