What is the difference between coffee machine and coffee maker?

How do you think, what is the difference between coffee maker and coffee machine? Many people put on first place the difference in price, but in addition there are significant differences in their opportunities and functions. Such possibilities we’ll consider.

Coffee machines features

Automatic complete cycle espresso machine

Automatic complete cycle espresso machine

Coffee machine is able to perform more functions than coffee maker. All of them are automated and do not require the human intervention.

Coffee maker brews coffee literally. The water boils and it passes through the pre-milled beans, brewing them. Its size is usually less than the size of fully automatic coffee machine.

Coffee machine grinds grain and brews the coffee under the steam pressure. Due to this coffee comes out stronger, more aromatic, tastier, and of course much better than coffee from the primitive coffee maker.

Drip coffee maker

Drip coffee maker

If the coffee machine works in a semi-automatic mode, to make latte or cappuccino human intervention is needed.  But if it works in fully automatic mode, human is unable to way interfere to the process of brewing, and the coffee machine makes all operations itself. Here is a list of actions that it can perform:

  • to grind coffee beans;
  • to adjust the grind size;
  • to whisk milk;
  • to dispense boiling water;
  • to heat cup and perform other operations.

If you want your coffee machine to cook such a drink you want, it should be set up, and it requires knowledge. So get ready to discover some features of coffee machine control.

Differences between coffee maker and coffee machine

In some cases people cannot to distinguish a technically advanced coffee maker from a coffee machine. For home use it is better to choose the coffee maker.

Some manufacturers present their capsule coffee makers as machines to draw more attention of the buyers. However, the difference is that such a device cannot grind grain. Coffee maker can cook a tasty drink and that’s why the best models are expensive. But with coffee machine you get much more opportunities to cook different coffee-dinks of a high quality.

Differences in a table:

characteristics Coffee maker Coffee machine
Price Wide price range High price
The size Small or medium Large
Control Manual or semi-automatic control Automatic and semi-automatic
Feature Ground coffee needed It can grind grain
Number of recipes 1-2 More

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