What is the best washing machine to buy? Brands review

Nowadays a washing machine is a must-have device in every family! Before choosing a proper model you, of course, need to get acquainted with best manufacturers. If you want your washer to serve you for a long time, and if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on repair, you must pay attention to new trends and recommendations.

Here is the rating of best washer manufacturers of 2016. We made it according to specialists’’ opinion and users’ feedback. We hope it will help you to decide what is the best washing machine to buy.


washer INDESIT IWSD 61051

The first manufacturer is Indesit, an Italian firm. Washing machines of this firm are not very expensive (they cost about $3000) and look quite compact. You may choose best narrow front-loaders (for example, the depth of WUIN 105 model is 33 cm). The variant is the best solution for families, who have a small bathroom or a kitchen. Talking about functions, manufacturers pay attention to new tendencies and release the product of high quality. The default parameters of washers of this brand are prewash, the delicate cycle, extra-rinse, temperature options, electronic control and others.


Siemens is a German manufacturer, which has become popular due to their policy: they give buyers very good value for money. Washing machines of this brand are very durable, have small sizes, user-friendly control system and a wide range of optional functions. There is an option of express washand possibility to load some extra clothes, even when the washing is started. There is also Child lock function, stain removal program and direct injection.


washing machine zanussi zwsg7101

If you are searching for a top-loader top manufacturer, take a look at Zanussi (Italia). The products of this manufacturer are very reliable, durable and have the low price. People notice its high quality. But it’s not the end of its advantages: Zanussi washers work quietly, have such functions as extra-rinse, delicacy wash, prewash, quick wash. These washing machines are very easy to use and to wash. Zanussi machines are going to serve you long, if you exploit them in a proper way.


Electrolux is a Swedish company which has been considered to be very liked by many users of many generations around the world for many years. Their models have high energy efficiency, classy design, and high quality of assembly. Most of models of that brand have such options, as My Favourite Plus (remembers your favourite program), washing of pillows, the option of washing sportswear, stain remover, economy mode, delicate cycle, extra rinse, etc. Electrolux seems to be the best in our rating; but we must warn you that the only drawback is high price.


Bosch washer

Bosch is a German company which has excellent products. Washing machines by Bosch are very modern and have high quality. There is a guarantee that you buy not just a washer, but a real helping hand for every housekeeper. WKD 28540 models is the best variant among washers with a drying option. The load capacity is up to 6 kg. Bosch machines have a lot of programs (including washing baby clothes), which is a big advantage.


For many consumers quality of washing is the main priority, when choosing a washer. Specialists claim, that AEG is the best manufacturer, because their models perform that function the best, that’s why it’s in our rating. AEG Company (Germany) releases premium class models which have a plenty of useful options and high functionality. For example, AEG L87695 WD has 9 kg load capacity (7 kg, if it’s the dry cycle), special functions like crumple prevention, steam supply, express and economy wash, delicate washing and prewash.


Miele is a premium class manufacturer from Germany, which produces world famous household appliances. If money is not your number one concern today, we recommend purchasing a washing machine of this excellent brand. One of the best models WT 2780 WPM has many helpful functions (such as sports shoe washing program, outerwear washing…). It also helps to wash children toys, delicate clothes, baby clothes, jeans, black laundry, shirts, pillows, etc. It can satisfy even most capricious and choosy consumers! Manufacturers also claim that the service life of Miele products is up to 30 years!


LG is in our best washers rating because it received good cleaning performance scores in our tests, and it excelled in our gentleness and water retention evaluations. It has various cycle options for heavy duty and bulky items; additional cold water temperature options. LG washers are easy to use and have proven many times that they serve for a really long time. It’s easy to load, gentle on clothing; retain very little water, which could mean less drying time.

We tried to give a quick review of many washer brand, but it’s up to every user to decide whether it’s the best washer brand or not. Before buying anything, know your needs and know your rights and be careful. Don’t pay for extra functions you don’t need, but do not deprive you and your home mates of comfort.

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