What is G-sensor it your smartphone?

G-sensor is a motion sensor that is normally used in smartphones to measure the linear acceleration. In other words g-sensor (aka accelerometer) is used to monitor the position of device in the space.

Gyro sensor operates on the principle of a gyroscope with three degrees of latitude – it responds to a change in position of device in space by moving or rotating an object that is subject to control. The gyro sensor measures the angles of rotation and rotation speed of the device.

Initially, g-sensors were used in aviation and shipping, but today they are widely used in consumer electronics (smartphones, GPS-navigators, PDAs, compact game consoles, photo and video cameras) for navigation and entertainment.

The simplest example of a g-sensor is the rotation of a picture viewed on the screen of a digital device when its position in space changes. In addition, there are many games for smartphones and compact game consoles, in which the management of the object in the game is carried out by tilting or rotating the device.

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