What is a slow cooker? Advantages and disadvantages

…they cook low and slow, and do the work while you’re away.

Nowadays, slow cooker, sometimes called a Crockpot rapidly gaining popularity among cooking lovers. Ina  compact case there is a successfully placed small kitchen, replacing a large part of necessary kitchen dishes and appliances. Therefore it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of the device, which will be your reliable assistant in the world of cooking.


What is a slow cooker?

If we take the basis of the wikipedia article, the slow cooker is a household kitchen multifunctional device having a program control. Simply put, it is a pan with non-stick coating and a tight-fitting lid, which is powered by electricity, and can be programmed to cook different kinds of food due to the inbuilt processor.

Depending on the addition of water or oil and used by other devices, it can also serve as pan, oven or steamer. At the same time, due to uniform heating and calculating cooking time, you do not need to worry that food will burn. The device also has a timer function that allows you to delay the start and start cooking without you, exactly for a specific amount of time. This is appreciated by lovers of breakfast cereal that is ready when they are just out of bed. And as common keep warm function allows you to leave the remains of breakfast for those who wakes up much later. At the same time, despite the long-term operation, power consumption is quite low, especially when compared to electric.

Slow cooker pros and cons


So let’ start with benefits of slow cooker.


  • Time saving. With slow cooker you do not need to stand all day at the stove – it is fully automatic work. You only need to download the products and put the timer – the appointed time everything will be ready.
  • For small sizes of the device it is possible to cook almost everything: cereals, soups, main dishes, side dishes, pizza, jelly, rice, pastries, yogurt, jam, bread, juice etc.
  • Healthy eating is easier with slow cooker. Some recipes are impossible without oil, especially when you are cooking on the stove, but this appliance allows you to cook without it. Non-stick coating and matched temperature control provide for your family healthy meals.
  • The most important advantage about slow cooker is that is easy to clean it. You just need to pull out removable pot and put some hot water and soap.


  • All good quality slow cookers are expensive
  • Unusual taste of favourite dishes. Dishes in the slow cooker has an unusual taste. For example, if in the preparation of soup on the stove you put the ingredients in a certain order, and besides, you can fry something, here everything is loaded in one time and just cooking and as the result it gives different taste of your dish.
  • No automatic lid opening. This is a serious obstacle in the preparation of pastries. If you do not open the lid after use, the condensate will gather on it, and drops will fall on the cake.

This is probably all the major disadvantages of slow cooker.

Tips how to choose slow cooker

  • Choose an appliance with replaceable bowls.
  • Slow cooker with capacity for condensate much better, as condensate will be collected on the lid and drip when it is opened.
  • The number of programs in slow cooker is not important like the ability to change the cooking time and temperature.
  • Slow cooker with the function of the pressure cooker is more convenient and practical.
  • In device should be a function of the heating off after cooking.
  • The removable cover of slow cooker easier to clean.
  • Bowl with handles is more convenient.
  • Much better if chosen device has a large capacity – 800-900 watts.
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