What are the types of stoves? What’s better?

Nowadays we have a big variety of different household appliances. A stove is one of the most popular devices in the kitchen, because with the help of it you can cook a variety of dishes, simple and complex ones. Though now there are various tools that can supersede the stove, the leading place in the kitchen belongs to a stove.

Maybe it’s not only because of its functionality, but also about being simple to use. The reason is that modern multi-cookers, steamers, various types of furnace appeared just recently. People didn’t manage to get used to them. A lot of previous generations have been using the stove, and now they’re not ready for changes.

Modern stoves in their technological features are far ahead of their predecessors. They are completely new and traditional gas and electric stoves have greatly improved.

Buying a stove can seem overwhelming, as there are many different types of stoves from which to choose. There is also the question of what kind of stove to purchase. Some people no longer use gas in their home, but some think it’s the only way to cook. So the choice depends only on your needs.

Stove types

All stoves can be divided into three large groups: by the design and method of heating.

  • Electric cookers
  • Gas cookers
  • Combined stoves

They also can be divided into free-standing and built-in ones, but it’s up to a buyer what to choose.A buyer with a small kitchen may only want to consider a freestanding stove so there is more flexibility and the stove can be moved around. They also come in smaller sizes than some other types of stoves.

Electric stoves

Gas and electric stove (right)

Gas and electric stove (right)

They can be divided into many groups, according to the way they heat:

  1. Stoves with a heating element;
  2. Electric spiral stoves;
  3. Stoves with a ribbon or strip heater;
  4. Stoves with infrared halogen heater;
  5. Induction stoves.

According to the look of a heating surface, stoves may be:

  • Ceramic;
  • With cast-iron surface

Ceramic ones can be both free-standing and buit-in. This kind of stove appeared relatively long time ago and it is becoming increasingly popular. It is, so to speak, a new generation of kitchen appliances, today it’s very fashionable and at the first glance looks very modern, and secondly, ceramic stoves have practical advantages:

  1. Ceramic stove is able to heat its surface much faster due to its construction. Earlier it was the main problem of that kind of electric cooker, so they could not compete with gas stoves, which were heating up quickly, thanks to their open fire.
  2. The polished surface is very easy to clean.
  3. Thanks to a flat surface, tableware is no longer able to pull off the burners and the contents will not spill on the surface.
  4. No possibility of leaks (which often have gas stoves) so there is no risk of an explosion.
  5. They are safer in use because there is no open fire.

But there are some disadvantages that ceramic electric stoves usually have:

  1. Unlike other stoves, ceramic cookers do not have high margins, so if any food is spilled accidentallyduring cooking, it may be spilt on the floor.
  2. The cost of these cookers is higher than of the gas ones.
  3. For cooking you need cookware with a perfectly flat bottom, for them not to fall down.

Talking about ceramic stoves, we should mention induction stoves. Their main feature is that when cooking, their ceramic (or glass) surface does not get hot, but dishes get hot very fast.

Gas stoves

gas stove

In order to choose a gas stove, it is not necessary to know many subtleties, like in choosing an electric one. The main feature of gas cookers is that in their present design there are special stove grates that lift the dish in which food is cooked over a fire at a certain optimum height.

Almost all modern types of gas stoves are equipped with a system that allows you to protect the stovefrom a possible gas leak, which makes this kind of stoves safer. Note that the oven should be safe as well.

Today gas stoves are also fitted with electric ignition system that simplifies the process of cooking. To do this, you do not need matches.

Combined stoves

Combined stove

This kind of a stove is a hybrid, which combines gas and electric cooking. The advantage of it is that, if suddenly there are any gas or power supply troubles in your house, and the city is blacked out, you will have an alternative and still will be able to cook food.

They appear pretty rare, because they have not gained popularity among many consumers. The reason is still unknown. Maybe the top of combined stoves doesn’t look pretty, or maybe there’s no necessity to use them, because problems with gas or electricity are pretty rare nowadays.

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