What are the differences between professional and semi-professional cameras?

Probably many photography lovers sometimes have a desire to buy professional camera. Let’s see how the professional camera differs from the semi-professional and check if there is any merit to these terms any longer.


The sensor’s size of a professional camera corresponds to the standard sizes of a film frame 24x36mm. But the size of semi-pro sensor is 60% of film format. Sometimes it calls “crop-sensor” since it’s 1.5 times smaller. In such crop-sensor cameras the distance between the pixels is smaller than in the standard ones, it heats up more and the quality of the pictures suffers. (That’s why: more pixels – doesn’t mean better). But sometimes you still can find professional cameras with crop-sensor such as Nikon d200, Nikon d300, Canon 50d.

semi-professional camera


Lenses, intended for use on pro cameras, have high-quality luminous optics, which, combined with good full-frame sensor, gives excellent pictures. The use of such lenses on cameras with a crop-sensor is possible, but only by half. Therefore, for amateur and semi-pro cameras are produced special lenses for crop-sensor.

Manual Settings

In semi-pro models of SLR cameras there are preinstalled scene programs that help amateurs and beginners get good pictures depending on shooting conditions. However, using this mode, you won’t be able to fully control the shooting. That’s why in pro cameras, there are simply no preset scenes, becauseperson who knows what he wants to get in a photo uses his own settings.

professional camera


Another difference between professional camera and amateur is the increased shutter resource. The shutter of camera is designed for a certain number of trips. As soon as shutter begin wears out, the camera begins to give “misfires”, i.e. in other words camera takes pictures one time. The manufacturer indicates the shutter resource, and it can be seen in the technical specifications of camera.


And of course, to a professional camera you can always pick up huge number of different accessories: lenses, flashes and various modules.

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