Ways to save electricity on air conditioning

In summer, it is practically impossible to live without air conditioning, but the fact that its use takes a large part of the electricity bill, forcing many people to “sweat” no less than the heat. On average, about 40-50 percent of total energy consumption in summer is spent on air conditioning. And it is quite expensive, especially in countries where the cost of electricity is large. Does this mean that you should refrain from using the air conditioner? Not at all! You can make energy efficient of air conditioning systems much better thanks to simple tips for saving energy.


Energy saving tips for summer

Choose an energy-efficient model

To successfully save on the air conditioning, you need to choose the model with energy efficiency class A at least, ideally, A +.  Yes, this model will be more expensive than the device of class B. However, the difference in price will be returned due to lower energy consumption. Economical household models consume between 1 and 2 kW. Anything above – waste of money.

Don’t make winter at home

Common mistake – the wrong selected temperature. The optimum temperature is considered 23-24 C. Each degree below of these values increases the energy consumption by 5-8%.

In addition to savings, the “correct” temperature will protect you from so-called runny nose. Imagine what a shock the body gets when you enter from the street (+36 C) into a room with a + 18 C.

According to the recommendations of doctors, the maximum difference of external and internal temperature should not exceed 12 degrees. It is advisable to set the thermostat in the mode of so warm temperature (comfortable for you) as possible.

Take care of AC

take care of AC

Good technical condition of the AC is another step on the way energy efficiency, which leads you to a reduction in monthly electricity bills. Ideally, you should check the air conditioner filters once a month and clean them if necessary. If you feel the air conditioning system does not provide the necessary coolness, you should check the filters, or call a professional for this job as soon as possible. Device with problems may spend extra electricity kilowatts.

If you use the AC for 5-10 years, it is time to replace it with a new model. Modern energy-saving air conditioners can boast of a significant reduction in energy consumption by at least 40 percent.

Minimize the amount of air that comes out of your home

Despite the fact that all people know that the doors and windows should be closed when using the air conditioner, very few people actually follow this rule. So the cold air leaves the room and the hot comes in, and it complicates the cooling process. Ideally, you should avoid activities that require you to frequently leave the house / room when the air conditioner is turned on.

Given that the air leaves the house through the chimney (15-25 percent), its overlap should become a priority for you, if you are going to reach minimum electricity consumption of AC.

Reduce the amount of direct sunlight and heat generation in the house

One of the most basic measures to reduce air conditioning costs is to make sure that you do not allow the heat to enter the house from the outside. To do this, you have to protect your home from direct sunlight using a toner, canopies, curtains and so on. In addition, growing around the house trees will help you, just make sure that your home is in the shade. You should also check in that there is no extra heat generation at home. To do this, you have to follow the timely blackouts when there is no need, otherwise you should consider lighting equipment as a heat source, which prevents air cooling. Avoid activities that consume energy as washing or ironing clothes in the daytime, when the air conditioner has become a necessity.

These are simple ways to save on air conditioning. But also pay attention to a few simple facts in the use of air conditioning:

For example, AC installed on sunlight will require five percent more energy than an AC installed in the shade.

Similarly, the continuous work of the air conditioner for a long period of time consumes less power than the same device in frequent turn-on/off mode.

Following such tips will no doubt allow you to significantly reduce electricity costs.

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