Using a multi cooker

Many people who already purchased slow cooker are having a question how to use this miracle of technologies? Earlier we discussed what is slow cooker and here we will tell you how to properly use slow cooker, what features and differences are at expensive and cheap models, learn to identify the desired cooking mode.

Useing a multi cooker

How to launch slow cooker first time?

If you purchased a new slow cooker, do not rush to put food inside. As any new technology, it has specific smell of the factory, which you unlikely want to fill your kitchen. Therefore first of all remove bowl and carefully wash it. Wipe it with a dry cloth and be sure that there is no any water drop.


After put bowl back in device and connect it to the circuit using power cable. Pour a little water and press mode “heating / temperature support”. In most cases, this button is combined with the button “Stop / Cancel”. Simply click once on it and close the lid.

Note: In some slow cookers there are two modes “heating up” and “heating.” This is a completely different programs on temperature mode.

Wait about 15 minutes, then open lid and check if the water is warm. Thus, you will check work of PETN and determine the heating rate.

Note: if you bought your slow cooker in winter time, never turn it on while it is cold, let it warm to room temperature in a dry place.

How to select the right mode?


Before turning on new device and selection of mode, ensure that wire is inserted well into socket. Most programs are pre-installed. The cheapest appliance has about 6-8 modes, while more expensive more then 20.

If you have budgetary device, do not worry that you do not have a specific program. It can be easily replaced by another. For example frying, buckwheat, risotto and rice are interchangeable programs. If you have only one of them you can easily cook four courses

Note: cooking timer will be different. When it first cooking we recommend to pinpoint how long it takes to cook rice in mode “frying”. Do not be afraid to open lid and check if the dishes are ready.

How to activate needed mode?

To select desired mode, press the “Menu” button. In most cases, this button is responsible for switching modes of device. Press this button until the required cooking mode light up. After press button “Start” and wait when dish will be ready.

How to load food?


Despite the fact that almost all slow cookers has a special non-stick coating, you always need to lubricate it with butter. This procedure will help to keep coating. Products themselves are loaded into the cup when it is not installed in device, to maximum division.

The maximum division in a five-liter pot is equal to 5 liters of water in it. But we are not recommending you to cook in such conditions. Do not put more than half in the bowl. Otherwise the food will be sprayed on the top cover, which is very difficult to clean, and will not come out through the valve. You should definitely follow this rule unless you don’t want constantly clean off the cover with dried food.

How to know how much water should be poured into different modes?

Each mode requires a certain amount of water for cooking meals. The best advice is to learn recipe book that comes in the kit. If there is no cookbook in the kit, you can determine it by pouring water on a finger, usually higher than products level. Also you can check in the Internet the book of recipe special for your device.

How to adjust the temperature?

First time you want to cook something by yourself, do not using special modes? You feel that already figured out how to use your appliance? We recommend you to focus on approximate temperature of each mode. The budgetary types do not have a preset temperature control capabilities. But owners of expensive models can adjust desired temperature by using control button.

In conclusion, I would like to say that this is general advice that should be observed during work with slow cooker. Never leave “Heating” mode in a very long time. By doing so, you can spoil non-stick coverage of bowl. If you are planning to cook in slow cooker more often than in stove, we advise you to buy second bowl, thus you can cook 2 dishes.

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