TOP 5 cheap Chinese smartphones under $150

Previously, Chinese goods provoked distrust. In mid-2018, this trend still continues, but manufacturers Xiaomi, Meizu, Huawei and even ZTE managed to gain the trust of customers. In this review, we will present the best phones of Chinese brands that have collected positive customer feedbacks.

1 place – Xiaomi Redmi 5 ($140)

xiaomi redmi 5 plus

“Xiaomi” is the leader of the market of mobile smartphones, that belongs to the middle price category. The gadget has received characteristics that can be found in more expensive models.

  1. Screen with a diagonal of 5.7 inches, 1440×720.
  2. Camera with 12 megapixel resolution and aperture f/2.2.
  3. Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 with the video core Adreno 506.
  4. 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of memory.
  5. The battery capacity of 3300 mAh.

A budget processor with average performance provides a quick work, but it will not run “heavy” apps. The device works 1.5-2 days on a single charge, supports the standard 4G, has a fast OS without glitches, and its price is about $140.


  • A weak camera, which is typical of all budget employees. A normal picture can be taken only with ideal light conditions.
  • In the Chinese market, gadgets with truncated LTE-frequencies are sold. That is, it is possible to purchase a gadget without the support of 4G-frequency, used by USA operators.
  • No NFC.

In the price category 8-10 thousand rubles the phone is the best. Recommended in the first place.

2 place – Meizu M6 Note ($145-150)

meizu m6 note

The gadget is really can be found for $145, if you try. This Chinese device also collects positive feedbacks and gets a good hardware, which gives reason to use it in the ranking.

  1. Display 5.5 inches, 1920×1080.
  2. Dual camera with 12 and 5 megapixel resolution, aperture f / 1.9.
  3. Front camera with 16 megapixel resolution.
  4. Processor Snapdragon 625 with the video core Adreno 506.
  5. 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of memory.
  6. The battery capacity of 4000 mAh.

According to the characteristics this phone is better than the previous one due to a more powerful chipset, a capacious battery, a screen with FullHD-resolution and a two-module camera with aperture f / 1.9, which thanks to the second lens makes pictures with the Bokeh effect.

The only drawback is the raw firmware. If you have experience working with software for mobile phones, then you can independently fix many jambs. At a minimum, you need to remove the Touch Pal keyboard (eats battery power and displays ads), set a normal default browser, etc. There are problems in translation, the player is buggy, also a “dead” cord goes with it – it does not charge fast working. But this is easily solved by purchasing a new normal cable.

3rd place – Huawei Nova Lite 2017 ($145)

huawei nova lite 2017

Huawei is a brand with a good reputation. Unlike Xiaomi or Meizu, the company makes its hardware. Nova Lite – a new model with a good camera and CPU made by a third-party manufacturer.

  • IPS-display with a diagonal of 5 inches, 1280×720.
  • Rear camera with 13 megapixel resolution.
  • Processor Snapdragon 425 with the video core Adreno 308.
  • 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of memory.
  • Battery for 3020 mAh.

The phone is perfectly assembled, got a slim body and nice design, a very fast fingerprint scanner and an impressive battery. Works without complaints, but there are drawbacks:

  • Under the slope the colors of the screen noticeably turn pale.
  • The camera is not the highest level (of the budget device)
  • Slippery rear panel.
  • A standard player that reproduces substandard sound. The player needs to be changed – the sound quality will increase.

For $140-150, this phone is one of the best options. If for some reason you do not trust Chinese people like Xiaomi or Meizu, then boldly choose Huawei.

4 place – ZTE Blade A6 ($150)

ZTE is a Chinese brand that is not widely known to anyone. It offers a good solution based on the Qualcomm chipset, which will cost less than $150.

zte blade a6

  • A classic IPS screen with a resolution of 5.2 inches and a resolution of 1280×720.
  • Cameras: rear 13 Mp, front 5 Mp.
  • Processor Snapdragon 435 and the video core Adreno 505.
  • 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of memory.
  • The battery is 5000 mAh.

The phone has almost standard parameters for this price category. A battery for 5000 mAh is great, in theory it will last for 2 days without charging. The processor is also not bad, enough RAM, most modern smartphone apps will run.

The camera raises questions – it’s makes pictures blue, but you should notice that it’s a budget phone. The device works without censures and problems, its characteristics correspond to the price. Recommended in cases if the models above are not suitable for you.

5 place – Meizu M5 Note ($140)

meizu m5 note

And again the Meizu phone, but now the younger model, which was relevant in 2016. Until now, it is sold in stores because of a good hardware and quality.

  • IPS-screen with a resolution of FullHD.
  • Camera: 13 Mp core with aperture f / 2.2. Frontal: 5 megapixel.
  • Battery capacity 4000 mAh.
  • Processor: MediaTek Helio P10 with video accelerator Mali-T860 MP2.
  • 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of memory.

Users talks about fast and sensitive touchpad, smooth gadget operation, system optimization, rugged metal casing.


  • Bad camera.
  • The Chinese versions do not support the frequency band 20 of the standard 4G. In USA or Europe, this frequency is used by most mobile operators, so when choosing a Chinese version, 4G will not work in many countriers.
  • There are ads in the firmware.
  • The sound from the conversational speaker is high.
  • Display colors look not really.

Despite the disadvantages, the phone is one of the best in its category. This is a slightly outdated model, which is recommended when the previous smartphones in the rating do not suit you.

Remember that the review is subjective, since it is 100% based on customer feedback.

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