TOP 10 unussal kettles

Regular tea party will turn into a ritual.

In today’s review we will talk about unusual kettles and teapots. Everyone wants to have cozy, beautiful and the most original house. Therefore, we are putting a lot of effort for the execution, leveraging all our imagination. And which is the most important room in the house? Of course, it is the kitchen. Here we spend a lot of time: we have lunch, we organize friendly gatherings and quiet, cozy family tea party. The unusual design of the kitchen shows owner’s individuality. And as a fact, the big role is playing accessories, including crockery and appliances.

The unusual kettles will transform an ordinary tea party into an interesting ritual that is fun for the whole family. But which one to choose it is your own decision, guided by your own taste and interior of the kitchen.

Smart kettle notifies the owner that the water began to boil, and it is time to make tea. The applianceannounces about temperature by changing color. Dark red in the cold condition, when heated it becomes bright scarlet.


Have you ever seen whistling kettle? The monotonous shrill sound sometimes is annoying. But there are designed kettles, which can do whole output roulades during boiling. For example, the kettle with a musical instrument instead of a whistle.


For those who like to drink tea alone will perfectly match teapots like shown on the pic below. Decorative painting becomes visible only when the water boils. At other times it is invisible.


For one person will be good the mixed teapot. The cup and teapot are combined together.


A cheerful company will appreciate The Leaning Tower of TEAsa set, which seems very simple separately and when it is folded represent the miniature of Pisa tower. This idea is perfect gift for any travellers.


If you want to make good gift for a couple, you should pay attention to the teapot with two spouts. This unusual teapot for the couple, will allow to pour tea into two cups simultaneously.



The Sorapot Teapot will perfectly fit into a modern interior. Transparent body allows us to observe how tealeaves are floating inside. It helps relax before going to bed.


Now let’s think, where tea party become a tradition? Of course, it is Japan. And there are widespread wooden kettles. And this is no accident. After all, the tree gives the drink useful properties. So, if you prefer natural materials then you should purchase exactly this teapot.

wooden-kettle2 wooden-kettle

Also citizens of England like to drink tea. Do you remember Afternoon Tea rituals? The Teapottery, in Yorkshire produces a very interesting and unusual teapots, which are made completely by hand.

22 another-unusual-kettle

All mentioned little things show the originality of host and decorate any kitchen.

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