TOP 10 best portable chargers (powerbanks) for smartphones

Powerbanks or portable chargers are popular gadgets, cause modern smartphones are equipped with “weak” batteries, the charge of which is not enough even on a light day. Most owners of smartphones with batteries up to 3000 mAh have to buy external batteries – power banks, but the market is full of different defective goods with an actual volume much lower than indicated in the characteristics, low efficiency and disgusting quality.

In this rating we presented the best models that collected positive feedback. Each power bank has its shortcomings.

1 place – Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2 10000 mAh ($19-20)

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2

The first place gets the best charger for the phone – from the Chinese brand Mi Power Bank 2 with a capacity of 10,000 mAh. It supports fast charging 2.0 technology and collects positive reviews. Among mobile powerbanks, it is the optimal choice, its battery is enough for 2.7 charging a smartphone with a capacity of 3100 mAh (Xiaomi Redmi 4a).


  • Big size. The battery is larger than the phone.
  • Slow charging (set of capacity).
  • A small cable.

In its price category, this is the best solution. There are more expensive models on the market with this capacity, but Xiaomi device is the cheapest. There is also an external battery for 5000 mAh from this Chinese brand – it is significantly cheaper. Also on the market is a power bank for 20000 mAh from Xiaomi – its price is about $25-30.

2 place – ColorWay Solar 6000 mAh ($22)

ColorWay Solar 6000

This power bank is special – it gets charge from the sun light and the network (via USB), equipped with a large panel with 12 LEDs serving as a flashlight, capacity – 6000 mAh. It also has rubber inserts covering the interfaces, which provides protection from dust and water, falls.

According to buyers’ feedback, we conclude that the solution is a good one. The phone with a 3000 mAh battery charges 2 times, which corresponds to the declared capacity. Unambiguous advantage – a bright flashlight and recharging from the sun, which is rare. However, do not completely rely on the solar panel – it is wery weak power source.


  • Recharging from the sun is slow or unnecessary.
  • Annoying squeak when charging from the network.
  • There are complaints about the arbitrary inclusion of a flashlight.
  • Heavy.

Taking into account the minuses and feedback from users, we put the model on the 2nd place – an interesting technological gadget of high quality and efficiency.

3 place – ColorWay Alum QC3.0 per 10000 mAh ($32-35)

ColorWay Alum QC3.0

The model from ColorWay cost $35 and got a capacity of 10 thousand mAh. Unlike the previous one, this power bank got a quick charge 3.0 and a display that shows the remaining battery capacity. The device works without problems, is made in a strong case, has a small weight.

There are complaints about defects, although it is rare. In any case, the powerbank can be changed or returned in case of a defect. Since the device collects positive feedback, put it on the third place.

4 place – Anker PowerCore 26800 mAh ($75)

Very cool and capacious external battery in a capacity of 26800 mAh. That is, in theory, there is enough for 9 charging a smartphone with a 3000 mAh battery (for example, Xiaomi Redmi 5). It received 3 USB ports with different current: 1, 2 and 3 A. Its weight is 490 grams, which is natural given such a high capacity.

The only possible drawback is the plastic case, which seems flimsy. In the rest, it’s a good device for your money. In the category of external batteries with a huge capacity, the model is beyond competition. It collects positive reviews, but much less than get previous ones in the rating . Hence the 4th position.

5 place – Anker 13000 mAh ($40)

Anker 13000 mAh

The company Anker makes reliable gadgets, this power bank – is not an exception. It got a capacity of 13000 mAh, which is enough for a full 4 charging smartphone with a battery capacity of 3000 mAh. The device received 2 USB-outputs for 2.4 A, weighs only 300 grams, so it’s relatively easy.

Users highlight reliability and compactness, work efficiency and build quality. The disadvantage is that the actual capacitance at measurement is 11300 mAh. This is a small and even permissible error.

6-10 places

Other good power banks with positive reviews will be shown in the list below:

  1. Acme 10000 mAh – 960 rudders.
  2. Ziz 5000 mAh – 1200 rubles.
  3. Anker PowerCore QC3.0 V3 10000 mAh – 2600 rubles
  4. UFT Kozak QC 3.0 6000 mAh – 1500 rubles.
  5. Esperanza 11000 mAh – 700 rubles.

The rating is completed. We remind you that it is based on feedback from customers, therefore it is completely subjective.

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