Tips for choosing refrigerator

Do you want to purchase a refrigerator? Well, in such case you should pay attention at some aspects of choosing the refrigerator. There are not too much of them… If you will use these suggestions and describing information, you will probably choose more appropriate item, which will be comfortable enough for you in the everyday life.


Firstly, you should make sure, which kind of refrigerator you want to buy. The devices with freezer are standard variant. If you have needs, which are not very special, such thing will be probably enough. If you want to buy more small subject, the refrigerators with general door could be more suitable. Such subjects are usually smaller.

refrigerator with a general door

refrigerator with a general door

Do you live in a little flat? Well, the refrigerator without freezer could become a good choice for you! These compact refrigerators could be really convenient because of their size. Of cause, if you wish to prepare the different food every day, such refrigerator could be not enough comfortable for you. But, if you don’t need a big space of refrigerator, it’s a good variant.

refrigerator with winy cabinet

If you drink alcohol sometimes and wine particularly, the refrigerator with winy cabinet could be interesting for you. In such item a freezer is not exist. Its place is taken by a winy cabinet. It’s a very large devices, so if your home is small enough, it’s not the best variant for you. Well, you also should remember that such refrigerators are expensive enough.


The fridges usually have the standard geometry. The height, depth, width of the refrigerators is usually standard. But you could find the models, which are narrower or wider, than standard. Of cause, you should care about their transportation to your home… You should also think about the place for location of fridge.

You must not to locate a refrigerator next to a wall. The space between a refrigerator and a wall must be at least a few centimeters. It’s necessary, because the system of cooling needs this space. If the place around the fridge would be too limited, the door of item could not open completely. Especially it’s actual, if this door has big prominent handles.


A volume of a device depends on the number and volume of chambers. Actually, the standard volume is since 100 liters till 400 liters. But you could find the items with bigger volume. You should know that there are two types of volume of refrigerator: a general volume and a useful volume. You should especially care about useful volume.

The useful volume is a number of foodstuffs, which could be kept in a refrigerator. This volume is not equal to the general volume. A fridge must not be full of foodstuffs, because it would prevent a free circulation of air. Such circulation is very important. Therefore you should firstly pay attention at the useful volume of refrigerator.


The freezer is a part of refrigerator, which is important for many people. The main characteristic of freezer is a minimal temperature. The volume of freezer is since 50 liters till 200 liters and even more. The freezer could be located from above, below and from one side. You should consider this placement while choosing an item, because it will affect on comfortable of using.

fridge with a large freezer

If you don’t plan keep many foodstuffs in a freezer, you should probably purchase a fridge with a freezer with middle size. Well, if you like to keep many foodstuffs in this place, you surely should buy a refrigerator with a more or less large freezer, which could contain truly big number of different foodstuffs.

System of defrosting

There are two kinds of such systems: drop system of defrosting and No Frost. A drop system is used in the majority of refrigerators. This system is used only in the refrigeratory chambers. So, the appearance of ice is possible in the freezer. If a refrigerator has No Frost system of defrosting, the ice doesn’t arise in the refrigeratory chamber and freezer both.

Area of freshness

area of freshness

It’s an area inside a refrigerator, which is destined for keeping foodstuffs fresh during maximum long period of time. It’s a special climatic area with the supported temperature. This temperature is equal to 0 C. This area has adjusted level of humidity. The main minus of such area is the high price.

Type of control

electromechanical and electronic type of control

The electronic type of control is modern. A refrigerator usually has a display and control panel. You can manage compressors and fans. You can set the exact temperature for keeping of defined foodstuffs. The electromechanical type of control is primitive, at least, comparably with electronic type. You just can change the power of refrigeration by the turning of handle.


The refrigerators could be with one or two compressors. The refrigerators with one compressor are more popular. But there are some pluses of the separate compressors for refrigeratory chamber and freezer. For example, you could cut off separately refrigeratory chamber and freezer and regulate the temperature in them.

Class of power consumption, level of noise and climatic class

You should pay attention at the class of power consumption while choosing a refrigerator. The modern refrigerators could keep the low temperature during some time after the disconnecting of power supply. The continuance of such keeping depends on described above class.

You should care about level of noise. After all, it will affect on your comfort. You should choose the refrigerator with lowest level of noise. The climatic class determines conditions of exploitation. It’s a temperature of air and the humidity.


Besides the ordinary refrigerators, which stand separately, you could find the models, which are embedded under the table top, in a cabinet. Some models offer the opportunity of changing the external covering of doors to the decorative covering from the material, which is same with the material of furniture.


There are some interesting features that you could find while choosing a modern refrigerator. The antibacterial covering will surely not be unnecessary. The shelves are very important part of refrigerator. The indicator of open door could be also really useful feature. There are many other features, and you should keep in mind all of them while choosing.

Well, now you more or less know, how to choose refrigerator and which things you should keep in mind while such choosing. If you are not sure that you could find the most appropriate item, you could just take an advice form the professionals with big experience.

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