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TOP 5 mid-range smartphones at start of 2019: best models

It is not necessary to buy a flagship for $1000, because there are cool smartphones you

Best smartphones under $500: TOP 5

1 place – Xiaomi Mi 8 Released: june, 2018 Android 8.1, up to 9.0 Body: Gorilla

Best Chinese smartphones under $300, TOP 5

Udner $300 there are a lot of cool phones from a Chinese manufacturers that meets the

Best smartphones with good camera in 2019: TOP 5

Choosing a smartphone with the best camera at start of 2019, it is very likely that

Best smartphones 2019 under $600: TOP 5

1 place: OnePlus 6T Released: november, 2018 Android 9.0 Body: glass + aluminum, 185 g, 8.2

Best Chinese flagship phones in 2019 (January): TOP

Chinese phones are in trend now – every month new models come out and unexpectedly turn