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Basic rules of using a dishwasher

The standard dishwasher has 2 baskets for utensils. The bottom is used for large items: pans,

When your dishwasher smells bad

After some time of operation dishwasher, some users complain about the odor inside. In fact, the

Dishwasher options and cycles

A wide range of dishwashers can satisfy needs of any client. Modern models are able to

About bubble wash in washing machines

  Nowadays each of us has the washing machine at home that greatly reduces our time

About convection in the microwave

Nowadays in the age of technological progress in our kitchen we have many helpers which are

Can you run a microwave empty?

There are different opinions: some people say that it is nothing bad to turn-on the empty

Things you should never microwave

Microwaves have been an integral part of everyday life of modern people. Now we are already

About radiation in microwaves

  “Do not stand next to a running microwave oven! It emits radiation” “Don’t you know

Tips on induction cooker cleaning

Cleaning an induction stove looks aesthetically and adds a fresh appearance of your kitchen. The procedure

Gas and electric oven troubleshooting guide

There are certain rules of operation of gas and electric ovens and stoves. They must be