Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone SE

Both phones in the title are flagships, which were the best in their lines. Today there are already on sale Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7 phones, so the models we are considering are not the best at now. But even today they are flagships and have a performance hardware. Therefore, it is appropriate to compare them.

Comparing processors and performance

The popular iPhone Special Edition has a proprietary Apple A9 processor, which is also used in the iPhone 6s. This is a fairly “strong” chipset with two 1.84 GHz cores. Also available 2 GB of RAM and graphics accelerator PowerVR GT7600. If you compare the “iron” with the flagship of the previous generation iPhone 5S, the difference will be immediately apparent. SE works much faster than the iPhone 5s, and it’s noticeable even on the interface, not speaking about games and “heavy” applications.

The main thing is the result of the Antutu benchmark. Here, the iPhone SE based on the Apple A9 is gaining 130 thousand points, which is a good indicator for the flagship.

Now about the chipset in the Samsung Galaxy S7. There can be used 2 different processors: either the company’s Exynos 8890, or Snapdragon 820 from Qualcomm. Both chips are approximately the same level, but there is a hunch that the latter is more powerful, but its autonomy is 10% lower. Basically smartphones with the Exynos chip are on sale, you can rarely find Galaxy S7 based on Qualcomm CPU.

Exynos 8890 is an 8-core, works on the ARMv8 architecture, which involves dividing cores into 2 clusters: 4 cores Cortex-A53, 4 cores M1. High-performance M1 cores are used to perform complex tasks, and by default “rest” and do not consume battery power for nothing.

The performance test Antutu showed 140407 points.

Conclusion: Galaxy S7 has a more powerful chip than Apple A9. Although the difference of 10 thousand points will be almost invisible in the interface, or when launching heavy applications.

All the data we used was taken from the official blog of the Antutu benchmark.


The second significant difference is camera. The Galaxy S7 uses the Sony IMX260 sensor, which was designed specifically for this smartphone. Such a sensor cannot be purchased by other manufacturers, and there is no description on the developer’s website (that is, Sony). It is known that the phone uses a lens with a f/1.7 aperture (which is not bad), and the pixel size is 1.4 microns, so the matrix gets more information, and this is good in theory. This smartphone was the first who received focus on the entire area of the matrix thanks to the new technology – Dual Pixel.

But it will be very long to talk about the characteristics. Another thing is the quality of the picture in practice.

Sample photos on the Galaxy S7

The iPhone SE traditionally got a good camera, the characteristics of which are poorly known: 12 megapixel resolution, f/2.2 aperture. It seems that the same sensor is used in the iPhone 6, therefore, the image quality is comparable.

Sample photos on iPhone SE

A distinctive feature of the cameras iPhone is their simplicity and cool software. To get a good shot, you just need to point the camera and take a picture. It sounds silly, but often the process of photographing on other smartphones becomes complicated.


galaxy s7

Samsung vs. Apple – this is the age-old struggle of manufacturers who make the best screens on the market. On the one hand, Apple with its cool Retina displays has long been known to the public. These screens have high brightness, perfect color rendition and maximum viewing angles. The sensors are sensitive and responsive to the touch.

A lot of other manufacturers are trying to get Samsung displays with SuperAmoled technology, including Apple. If you believe the specialists from DisplayMate, the screen of Samsung Galaxy S7 become the best. Ideal color reproduction, large viewing angles, readable text, etc. We can praise it for a long time, but the guys from DisplayMate have already done it for us. In addition, it uses a QHD resolution with a diagonal of 5.1 inches. It’s indecent for a diagonal like this, which makes one think: it was done for marketing purposes. The diagonal of the iPhone SE screen is only 4 inches, the resolution is 1136 × 640.

The Korean flagship from Samsung wins in this pair.


We forgot to mention the price, which is important. Nay the Galaxy S7has a better screen and camera, so it’s also cheaper. So Samsung Galaxy 7 is a winner.

Video review Galaxy S7

Video review iPhone SE

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