Pros and cons of pressure cookers

Pressure cookers with a great success took their place in the kitchen – thanks to them we can maintain our rhythm of life, care about the health and save time on cooking. Myths about the complexity of its usage were dispel, the main thing – the implementation of simple rules.


Pressure cooker has a number of systems that provide its safety and ease of use. The valve has automatic fuses, which support optimal pressure level inside during the cooking process. There is also a special basket included, designed for cooking vegetables and stewed meat. The method of preparation must be applied consistently, if at the same time you prepare a few dishes.

Pressure cooker allows cook faster and better, unlike conventional pans: some products can be prepared in four times faster. For example, in a conventional pan meat is cooked from about 60 to 180 minutes, in a pressure cooker it will take a maximum of 30 minutes, the potatoes will be ready within 8 minutes instead of 30.

About healthy food in a pressure cooker


Pros of ancient method of preparation food are obvious: products retain not only their natural color, odor, shape and taste, but also most of the trace elements and vitamins contained in the crude product. Oil and broth are not required for steaming, so water-soluble vitamins and minerals are not lost, and the food is not saturated with fats.

For steaming fit all products, except mushrooms which must be boiled in a large amount of water. Ruffled and wrinkled fruits and vegetables in a pressure cooker acquire an unpleasant odor and taste. Therefore, for steaming all vegetables and fruits have to be of the highest quality. Many products are useful only  after steaming, such as brown rice, which completely loses vitamin B1 when cooked in other way. The time required for the steaming of vegetables, significantly less than for frying and c brewing. Steamed dishes are succulent and useful, because vapor evaporating from the rigid and even chlorinated water does not contain impurities metals.

Steamed dishes are easily digested; they not create a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, and even help to preserve youth and beauty, because they contain no calories, cholesterol and toxins, clogging blood vessels. With regular feeding with steam dishes the skin and hair improves, the immune system strengthens and tone is rising. Steam nutrition is the prevention of cardiovascular diseases for people over 40 years.

Disadvantages of a pressure cooker

The disadvantage of using a pressure cooker connected to the cooking feature – pressure. They are quite capable to explode, but not as powerful as you fear (or hope). The pressure inside the pressure cooker does not exceed two atmospheres – about the same pressure inside the can of soda. This is a dangerous level, but generally not enough to break the metal.

So what makes the cooker so dangerous?

Imagine a world in which Pepsi-Cola piping hot. Now imagine that someone shake the jar and put in front of you.

That is the danger lies: if the seams will disperse (or you will early open the lid), the contents of the pressure cooker will fly in all directions.

But this is not quite an explosion.

If to block the safety valve, there will be many ways to get much more dangerous pressure. You can fill the pressure cooker to the brim with water and try to boil it or, in the end, just to pump air with compressor. The result will depend on the pressure cooker. Rather, it will leak. If it still will be sealed to a pressure of several hundred atmospheres (typical for diving cylinders), the moment when it will break in to pieces, could be the last in your life.

So don’t be afraid of a pressure in a pressure cooker – it is not dangerous in 99%.

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