Organized refrigerator ideas

Refrigerator is the core part of any kitchen. That is why it is extremely important to maintain and use it properly. In most households a fridge often turns into some sort of a black hole: some products are put inside of it and remain there unseen and forgotten until they get spoilt. There are several organized refrigerator ideas which will help you manage this appliance much more efficiently than most people do. A clean fridge with a better-organized space can contain more products and help them last longer and stay fresher. It also makes the whole process of cooking faster, easier and more pleasant.

Do a thorough cleaning

refrigerator cleaning

Before doing a thorough cleaning you should make sure your fridge is unplugged. Then you should take out all products and foods, and thoroughly clean the interior including all shelves and drawers. Sort everything out: through away all products which are past their expiry date and decide how to arrange the remaining ones more efficiently. Dairy products should be placed on the upper shelves. The lowest shelves are perfect for meat and fish, and the drawers are the most suitable place for storing fruit and vegetables.

You should do such a comprehensive revision and cleaning of your refrigerator at least once a year, preferably more often.

Keep cheese and meat in special containers

containers for meat

If your fridge has several drawers you should use one of them for raw meat and fish and another one for cheese solely. You can also buy plastic storage boxes for that purpose. Keep uncooked meat and fish on the lowest shelve to avoid drips and leaks. Those products which have strong smell should be kept in hermetic boxes or containers.

Learn which products should be kept separately from each other

special containers for keeping food

It is important to know that some products should never be kept next to each other. For example, eggs should be kept away from products with strong smell because the eggshell easily absorbs any odor. As it was previously mentioned, you should isolate raw meat and fish from other products to prevent microbes from spreading around. You shouldn’t keep any raw products close to leftovers and ready-to-eat foods.

Use labels for boxes and baskets

If you keep your products in the fridge in boxes or baskets it will be very helpful to label them. In this case, you will always know where to put and find any product or food. It will also help to decrease the time when you keep the fridge door open which helps to sustain a more stable inside temperature.

Use the doors wisely

Organized refrigerator

Doors should be used for the products which do not get spoilt easily, since it is the warmest place in the fridge. They are perfect for juices, alcoholic beverages, and condiments, but they are not suitable for eggs or dairy. If you store eggs in the doors make sure you do not keep them there for long. As for milk, you can put it on the fridge door in case you are going to drink or use it in a few hours.

Rotate products

keeping vegatables

If you have some products of the same kind make sure you that those ones which expire soon are easier to reach. For example, after each trip to the groceries, place the purchased products at the back, while moving older fruit and vegetables forward.

It is also very useful to use special rotating plates inside you refrigerator. Due to this great invention no food will remain forgotten in the back of the fridge.

Take out all products which do not need to be kept in the fridge

We are often mistaken about some products, keeping them in the fridge without any real need. For example, potatoes, onions and garlic are not suitable for a humid and cool fridge environment. They will do much better in a dry and well-ventilated pantry.

Some people keep bread in the fridge, though the best way to keep this product is to put it in a sealed plastic bag and leave it at a room temperature.

Honey does not spoil at a room temperature either, so there is no need to keep it in the fridge.  The same is applicable to ketchup, cooking oils and peanut butter.

If you make a list of such products and stop putting them into the fridge, you will get a lot of extra space inside of it.

Do not forget to organize your freezer too

Organizing freezer space is also very important. You can use special sealed freezer bags to store products. They will occupy much less space than boxes and containers. It is also wise to labels the foods in your freezer stating its amount and the date of placement.

Divide the products into the portions you usually use for cooking so that you will not need to defrost everything at once.

Also, find out what products should never be frozen and keep them out of the freezer.
A well organized refrigerator space will help you keep and use products more effectively making sure you will not throw your foods away because of the misuse of this domestic appliance.

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