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Need a cute nerdy chick

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Need a cute nerdy chick

Video games, sci-fi, comic books. Day in and day out we ladies have to overcome silly preconceived notions about what nerds should look like.

Here is a list of biggest obstacles we geeky girls face, because the struggle is real. Internet connection. Hell, hath no fury like a woman with spotty internet connection.

You have to admit that when Netflix starts buffering every shit will hit the fan. In today's day and age, we tend to take for granted reliable high-speed internet access. When no one gets your reference.

Somedays we find that our nerdy is showing and no one understands what the heck we're talking. Half the fun of being a nerdy Wv black pussy is fangirling and quoting from your obsession du jour, but only if you have someone to fangirl with!

Our top ten nerdy girl problems — Nerdy Girls

Have fun storming the castle! Why does no one get our awesome Princess Bride jokes?

Do you find people treating you like their own personal google? Or do you have break down and actually google the answer a question?

Yeah, us. Immediate access to ALL the answers is a Housewives seeking sex tonight Ithaca Nebraska and a curse.

Need a cute nerdy chick I Am Wants Sex Chat

Trust us, you don't want to see our browser history All the good ones. Are either married, gay, or fictional. Pretty self-explanatory. One of the struggles of being a nerdy girl is finding someone who measures up to your favorite fictional men.

The charming, straight, single nerdy man is a myth. Pronunciation is a killer. So it becomes that awkward moment when you can't really Hot women Colchester to a pronunciation and just end up sounding it out in a slow creppy manner.

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You are not one with the force. The force is NOT with you.

I mean who cares about lab safety? Damn it, we want super powers!

Admit it, you keep hoping you'll wake up with super powers Movie adaptations. Because you loved the book and hated the movie. But everyone loves the movie.

Visually uplifting encounter

Nothing is worse than a movie Adult want nsa Thurston Nebraska 68062 of one of your favorite books and all your friends LOVE it? Come one movie studios, they were bestsellers for a reason! Let's be honest, when a movie butchers your favorite book you get MAD!

Nerd Out: 8 Reasons Why Geeky Girls Make The Best Girlfriends

Nerd Inferiority complex. But then you feel like you need to over compensate and out nerd everyone? You've got to earn your nerdy street cred.

Do you ever feel like you need to out nerd someone? Just to prove your nerdiness?

Need a cute nerdy chick I Wants Men

Nerd chic. Because all the best t-shirts are deed for boys. Why are cute nerdy clothing for women few and far between? And don't tell us about "unisex" clothing, because they were definitly not deed for anyone who has hips.

Just Beautiful housewives want sex encounters Atlanta Georgia we're nerds doesn't mean we don't want to be cute!

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When you fall in love with a TV show, only to have it canceled. You sit there, episode after episode becoming emotionally attached only to have a suit to decide to pull the plug.

Hopefully, you enjoyed. If you're looking for other nerd awesomeness check out some of our other blog posts here!