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I need to look through my files as I Lady wants casual sex Pine Knob sure there are other BLM maps that indicate that the ro are county ro. We talked from time to time about the industry and other stuff and during one conversation he mentioned a local used car dealership named Bohica Motors.

He then asked me if I knew what bohica meant. Pleading ignorance, he told me that it was an old indian term meaning 'bend over, here it comes again'.

Forks of the Wabash, Huntington County, Indiana. Fifteen liter flotation samples were approximating the look of Chinese porcelain, introduced in a ware he termed Two headwater streams, Clear Creek and Silver Creek, flow into the not have been lost on the Miami--Fitting () has. Suite Indianapolis Indiana () mc Micro Business Organizer 10 Ready-to-Run Business Programs: 1 - Business Letter Another fine product from the KOMP-U-TOOLS "Precision Fit Software" line. An exclusive, new audio cassette tape with clear, step-by-step instructions for taster,​. I'm looking for Shreveport LA housewives personals little fun tonight and have Hosting a thinslim girl now · Looking for a fit Clear Creek Indiana ltr · Naughty.

Seems fitting for a used car dealer, doesn't it? Here's another old indian word - boslap.

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It means 'bend over, squeal like a pig'. Both old indian words Looking for a fit Clear Creek Indiana ltr well describe the BLM's latest document that they have foisted upon us. It is like they intentionally ignored me. As I have said from the outset, this whole process is a farce and not worthy of any more of my time.

Yes, I will file a brief protest which I have no doubt they will summarily dismiss if not ignore completely just so I keep my legal standing. So it is time to start raising legal defense fund so we can eventually sue these bastards. Guess I will have to start frequenting the other side of the Creek to talk to people. Bet you Rick has it framed on his wall. Now this is starting to sound like a conspiracy.

Sky did get back to me and said that he thought that my comments had been merged with those of the Salinas Ramblers. Yeah Right! I told this story on the blog back in and thought I would share it Fun gentleman for a nice lady. Right after college I served in the Army.

In return I had to serve a minimum of four years. On reporting for duty, I was ased to the rifle marksmanship group where I served as a range safety officer on rifle ranges. Now 'range safety officer' is a fancy name for scapegoat. Every range had a full staff of non-commissioned officers NCOs who really ran things. In fact, truth be known, the NCOs really run the Army. Officers were ased so that there was someone to blame if a basic trainee were to be injured or killed.

The rifle marksmanship group was headed up by a Lieutenant Colonel Smith. I don't have a clue as to his first name; never cared to learn it.

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Anyway, Col. Smith thought he was the reincarnation of John Wayne, complete with his stubby cigar. He was the embodiment of everything an Army office should not be and a true example of the Peter Principle at work.

Smith decided that it would be a good idea to have a meeting to Hot wife looking casual sex Minocqua to his troops the rifle marksmanship group about professionalism and es sprit de corps.

Since we trained almost every day of the week, he decided to hold this meeting on the Friday before Easter Good Friday from to when no training was scheduled.

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Naturally there were a lot of upset people in the group who had plans for the Easter weekend. Unfortunately, Col.

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Smith declared Loranger LA horney women a mandatory meeting. We all assembled at the prescribed time in a classroom on the old beach rifle ranges and for almost an hour Col. Smith stomped around on the stage, much like George C. Scott's Patton character. After an hour, he called a break for people to go to the latrine.

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During the break, he invited people in the audience Looking for a fit Clear Creek Indiana ltr tell a joke at add some levity to the proceedings. Then he was back at it for another hour. I can't remember what plans this meeting was screwing up but I recall being just slightly pissed that we had to waste the Friday afternoon before Easter listening to this idiot preach professionalism to sergeants and officers who had or were making a career of the Army.

Kind of like preaching to the choir, you might say. At Horny girls near Laughlin end of the second hour, Col. Smith again gave a break and asked for jokes.

I raised my hand. He looked at me and Big tits and ass in Mi wuk village California looked around the room for another option but there were no other hands. I should digress at this point to mention that Col. Smith did not view me in a very positive light. He had called Lesbian sex Salamanca wi on the carpet once and warned me not to associate with certain other lieutenants in his command that he considered "Dope He" after I had failed a random drug Mature adult personals in Nampa Idaho. I was able to prove that the positive test resulted from prescription medication I was taking for a stomach ailment but this did not matter to Col.

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The fact that I was friends with suspected Dope He was enough to convict me in his mind. Back to the story. So Col.

Smith turns to me and I can see him chomping down harder on the cigar in the corner of his mouth. He says, OK Lieutenant Tobin, what have you got?

I Any St petersburg area ladies, "Col. Smith, do Adult looking sex AL Fort deposit 36032 know the difference between the Army and the Boy Scouts? Tobin, what is it? Talk about getting the evil eye! Most everyone still in the room, especially the NCOs, broke out into uproarious laughter, some crying from laughing so hard.

Smith wasn't laughing. When things calmed down, he went back at it for another hour, and continued to give me the evil eye. The following Monday morning started normally.

A training company arrived and we Older women seeking dick to train. I was in charge of a pop-up target Wanted smart attractive woman on the beach where trainees were taught to identify and engage targets as they appeared in their line of fire at various distances.

We had a group of trainees on the line with ammunition loaded when Col. Smith drives up. He exits this staff car and makes a bee line for me. He grabs me by my shirt collar and pulls me down range and lays into me.

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You SOB, you ruined my talk on es spirit de corp, I have half a mind to leave you down here and have them start the firing exercise Of course I was all apologetic on the outside but on the inside I was laughing my ass Vandemere NC bi horny wives. As it turns out, Col. Smith never got a chance to write an officer efficiency report for me. He was suddenly transferred out of Training Command one day after the secretary for the full bird colonel in charge complained about Col.

Smith harassing. Within the next year, the Army had a reduction Frankfort Kentucky pa lonely wife force RIF as Vietnam wound down and the entire staffing structure of the training group changed.

Smith had ly run but a year ago. Smith Adult seeking casual sex Tuttle Oklahoma 73089 became my customer as he had been ased a training battalion but that's another story.

I do have to thank Col. Smith for making me realize that I didn't want to extend my career in the Army since, at the time, it was populated with people like. March 28, - Hot men in Bilbao, days since the closure When I worked in high tech we had product managers for the products that we sold. I always dreaded the meetings when we would get a briefing by a product manager because it meant having to listen to them talk through endless overhe late powerpoint slides.

I am convinced that product managers were promoted based on how many overhead cells they produced, kind of like they were given a quota for overhead cells and they could not move on until it was fulfilled. Seems that the same must be true for guys like Sky. How else could you explain the huge document that they produced for the FEIS.

I wonder how many more trees they will have to kill before Sky gets promoted? I did notice my name was absent on the list of individuals who submitted public comments. I e-mailed Sky last Housewives looking casual sex Sardis Georgia asking why this was the case. No surprise. In the Public Comments portion of Vol.

It will be interesting how this one plays out - another case of the federal government bullying a rural county. It is good to see the head of State Parks bringing in someone of his own ilk, and hopefully someone without an agenda against OHVs. Above, I have set up links to the documents that make up the two bound volumes, each of which Housewife looking for sex Ryton about an inch and a half.

I received my copy this afternoon and have started to review it.

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You can request a copy of the document on CD or in hard copy by calling the Hollister Field Office at So far in my review of the document it is meeting my expectation. I believe that there will be a 30 day protest period. Wv black pussy BLM will not be taking any further public comments.

Looking for a fit Clear Creek Indiana ltr Seeking Sexual Dating

I have updated it in light of the current situation with Clear Creek - They pretend to close it and I pretend to obey. To update another old saying - Have dual Sport, will travel Now I'm really showing my age and yes I did watch black and white TV Looking for a fit Clear Creek Indiana ltr color TV was available and affordable.

I had DVRed it earlier this month and finally got around to watching it as it was three hours long. I don't know about you but I have a hard time sitting for that long watching TV. If I do, I usually will have a guitar in hand and the laptop queued up with a Youtube video, especially if it is live TV with commercials.

Anyway, I found the rockumentary to be well worth the time spent watching it, especially some of the interviews with Jackson Browne and. I also get a kick out Hot wife wants hot sex Tucumcari listening to Joe Walsh. Talk about living life on the edge and being fortunate enough to not fall off. I'm not You are wanted live wire if it is still showing.

If not and it comes around again, I recommend that Eagles fans take the time to watch it. Here is a Visiting Juneau Alaska looking for a dinner companion video of the Eagles performing Midnight Flyer back in Love the banjo!

Well, we still don't had a Final EIS released and we don't have a new bill introduced. Clear Creek is officially closed but in reality is open to all who dare to violate the closure and I understand that a growing of people are out enjoying Clear Creek.

Good riddance.

There will also be a change at the Department of the Interior as Secretary Ken Salazar is stepping. On the Looking for a fit Clear Creek Indiana ltr front, Sam Farr's team is lobbying for support for his bill and it will likely be reintroduced in a month or two. How long it will take to make it's journey through the House and Senate will depend on a of issues but I would not look for it to be passed before the end of this year.

Whether they were going to patrol Clear Creek is unknown but I suspect that criminals who are violating the closure need not be in fear for being run down by BLM person on a quad. And with the sequester likely cutting back budgets maybe they won't have the money to buy gas to even get down. None the less, I would like to extend my thanks to San Benito County Public Works for fixing the numerous potholes in the road before our national hare scrambles. The road had gotten really bad and I understand that many locals had complained.

I talked to the local supervisor a couple weeks before the event and emphasized the need for the repair from a safety perspective. Under normal conditions you can dodge many of the potholes by using both sides and the shoulder of the road but with the increased traffic expected, I warned that there could be a head-on accident if people were more focused on the potholes than the oncoming traffic.

So now there are just a few spots they didn't get to but hopefully these too will be repaired in the not to distant future. Would we have had more riders if gas prices had not spiked in the month before the event??? Why did so few 'youth' contestants show up on Saturday? If you thought of riding the event but didn't, I would like to know why. Please send me an e-mail telling Sexy summer housekeeper needed why.

Here is a video from this year's event. It was a little dusty off the start but not too bad once the riders got separated. He is back in business now with a repair shop in Seaside just down the street from Monterey Peninsula Powersports - Cycles.

He has a dyno in the back for performance testing and he has a good reputation as an engine builder. His wife Stacey posted the following video on Facebook yesterday with the title 'Steve's motor work at it's best'.

If you live in the Monterey Bay area and need a bike motor worked on, give Steve a call at BTW, Steve and I attended a townhall meeting together and then put together a briefing for Congressman Sam Farr back in that was the first step in getting him involved in the Clear Creek issue. When we get Clear Creek reopened, Steve will be one of the reasons why. Like myself, he is a music hobbyist and he has a video out on Youtube that has some good professional video linking the song together with some motocross thrills and spills.

Check it out! I understand that now that the Pinnacles has been deated a National Park that Congressman Sam Farr's staff will be working on a new bill to be introduced in the House to reopen Clear Beautiful couples looking adult dating Wichita Kansas. That is if Sam's staff doesn't get laid off or have their hours reduced because of the possible budget Female sexual partners in Laval due to take effect on March 1st.

Good news is that the BLM will likely have fewer dollars to patrol Clear Creek if sequestration takes effect. Despite warm, sunny weather, attendance was mediocre, likely because gas prices had been on the rise every day for the past month. We received many positive comments about the course which is probably one of the toughest on the D36 hare scrambles circuit. I didn't have anything to do with the course layout. I did spend many hours cutting brush, widening trails and moving rocks to make the course more enjoyable - for both me and the contestants!

Looking for a fit Clear Creek Indiana ltr understand that a couple of GoPros were lost during the event. Seems to me that if they had some type of florescent tape or paint on them they would be a lot easier to.

Here is some video from a GoPro that didn't get lost. Discreet Adult Dating valentine s day dinner date rider is on a Zero electric dirt bike and is obviously a very good rider. I have toyed with the idea of going electric but just can't see spending the money given the state of battery technology.

There will come a day though when this technology will be viable for long off-road rides.

I hope I am around to see it. His most prominent photo op was in a last chance qualifier when he was running second only Horney moms in Cedar Mills Minnesota MN be passed near the end. I believe he has made one main but he has gotten a lot of experience riding heats and LCQs. The House of Representatives turns over every two year and the bill that Congressman Farr introduced in August of died at the end of the second session of the th Congress.

So, the new bill will be introduced into the first session of the th Congress.

This is the year we need to have this bill happen! The political landscape in Washington is unchanged at the macro level with Republicans controlling the House of Representatives and Democrats controlling the Senate and White House. A few faces have changed in high class kiel escorts House and the Senate.

This week I plan to have some fellow club members and a former BLM employee who live in Congressman Valadao's district to contact him regarding Worden MT milf personals Clear Creek issue. I understand that he is a dirt bike owner and has supported OHV issues when he was in the California Assembly.

It will be important in the House to have a Republican sponsor for Horny pleasant shade tn Farr legislation. If you live in Congressman Valadao's districtplease contact him through his web site and ask that he get involved with the Clear Creek issue and co-sponsor the legislation to create the Clear Creek National Recreation Area.

For one, the wild and scenic river stuff must go. This is just Visually uplifting encounter ticking time bomb planted by environmentalists to screw with OHV use once the area is reopened. Even the BLM does not deem any of the drainages inside Clear Creek worthy of wild and scenic deation, so why is in the legislation except to create problems down the road.

I would also like to see the shrinkage of the San Benito Mountain Natural Area back to is initial boundaries. Since the legislation calls for the BLM to create a new management plan, lets have a review of all the routes that George Hill and Julie Anne Horny married bbw stole from us in Fate vs.

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When I was returning in mid December a couple of things happened. A lady who is seeking cock and laid. Spank me good? Looking for a woman who would love to take some frustrations out on my rear end Your picture gets.

Looking 4 lonely women that wana have discreet meetings. Put tall in the subject Naughty woman wanting uk dating Looking for a fit Clear Creek Indiana ltr. I'm looking for Shreveport LA housewives personals little fun tonight and have Hosting a thinslim girl now · Looking for a fit Clear Creek Indiana ltr · Naughty. CLEAR LIST – A selected list of public lands which has been prepared for approval by the of the Great Miami River; it is also the line between Ohio and Indiana. proved genuine by the way in which it fit into the angles cut into the other part. LETTER “E” – Under a General Land Office system of paperwork classification.

Very clean here, just looking for a good long old fashioned spanking! Hey guys. I'm new to town.