Induction vs electric stove

The earliest hobs used gas. Then electric stoves were created and after that – inductions. Electric ceramic and induction stoves have similar functioning, but also there are radically differences. So we’ll speak about differences between induction and electric ceramic devices.

induction stove

Electric stoves

The first model was created in the late 19th century. At that time such a device was revolutionary and the most powerful household appliance. However, it was not safe: surface heated to great temperatures, but protection systems were so primitive.

Today there are different types of electrical stoves, and all of them are safety. For example, there are devices with electronic touch controls – modern devices. Also you can find models with conventional rotary switches. But the greatest difference is the heating element: some devices use spirals heaters, but the most innovative stoves have induction heating.

Induction cooking panels

The main distinction of these devices is heating method – electromagnetic field is using here for heating dishes. Under the glass ceramic surface there is a special induction coil that creates an electromagnetic field. So eddy current is generated on the bottom of the metal dish, and it is accompanied with a heat release.

location of the induction coil

location of the induction coil

Wherein the ring doesn’t warm up, only the bottom of the dish does. So fire risks are minimal. You can feel the warmth on the ceramic surface, but this heat will come from the heated dish. Induction effect, which is used here, is often used in metallurgy for metal smelting.

Induction vs electric stove

Despite the fact that the induction panels are only the type of electric, for some reason they are divided as two separate species. The differences between them are:

  • Induction panel are more economical. For heating water to boiling condition they need less energy compared with electric ceramic models.
  • They are also safer to use: the surface doesn’t heat itself.
  • An electromagnetic field is created while induction coil is working. Probably, it has a detrimental effect per person, but it is possible to argue.
  • This type of electrical panel can be used only with special dishes. Often after the purchase of the induction hob it is necessary to buy a special dish. Regular dishes cannot to absorb the energy produced by the electromagnetic field. In addition, modern induction cookers enough “smart”, and they don’t turn on, if they determine inappropriate dishes.

Of course, induction hobs are more technologically advanced and efficient in cooking. But they are more expensive than electric ceramic cookers. By the way, there are able now combined models – with two conventional Hi Light burners and two induction. Quite convenient option, if you cannot determine with your choice.

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