If your fridge works loudly

If you are owner of a refrigerator of the latest model that has reduced noise level but it works loudly and you feel very uncomfortable, there is natural question appears: why is the refrigerator so noisy? After all it is completely new unit and is still under warranty! What one should to do to make things better?!

Any refrigerator will buzz if it is connected with the network, only completely broken model or disconnected from the network refrigerator won’t make any noise. This aggregate is powerful sample of household appliances that takes a lot of energy and of course it will make significant noise.

refrigerator noise

Today we have ability to buy excellent modern refrigerators that promise minimal noise. We heard about this from the manufacturers. Indeed these applications are not completely true. The experts say that the average volume of the noise of the compressor is similar to human’s speech volume which already implies a considerable noise.

So, why is your fridge is buzzing and noise, regardless of whether it is new or already battered? There are many reasons, and we can’t insure against all of them as a rule. Some people believe that excessive noise can be tolerated, but for many of us constant hum becomes a real headache. So why do you have to put up the discomfort if you are able to cope with the problem by yourself?!

Will see

If your refrigerator is absolutely new, it isn’t worth requiring the minimum noise level from the first day. Do not make hasty steps, many models of refrigerators must be given time for adaptation and reaching a stable mode of operation, it can takes up to a week, so please be patient. If your fridge noise as much as on the first day, there is a serious problem with your purchase.

Location features

It is possible that your refrigerator is running loud because of the wrong location in the room. First of all let’s define the main source of noise – it is a compressor that pumping cooling temperature. A refrigerator hums, rumbles and produces certain ringing because of its compressor. And if your model has two compressors, the problem is doubled since they operate at different times and in an arbitrary mode.

A refrigerator hums, rumbles and produces certain ringing because of its compressor

A refrigerator hums, rumbles and produces certain ringing because of its compressor

If your refrigerator is new and fully functional, the compressor noise level should be quite tolerant, and you have to put up with it. But if the unit is not just makes a lot of noise but also issues non-rhythmic clinking noises, the problem is in elsewhere. It can be solved easily. First of all you should check whether the body contacts with walls or furniture – vibrations of the refrigerator makes surrounding objects buzz loudly. Make sure the fridge is stable, adjust the feet if it necessary.

Place order within the chamber. If the refrigerator works too loud and you hear rumbling and tinkling of glassware so the problem may be in the products located close to the walls. This is especially true for glass jars and ceramic ware with metal lids.

And the last tip – while buying a new aggregate before switching check out compressor pipes are not contact each other. Otherwise additional noise may appear.

Screws for transporting

transporting screws may be the reason of the loud work

transporting screws may be the reason of the loud work

After you have got your new refrigerator pay attention to the transport mounting. They are designed to secure the springs adhere the compressor. If the screws for transporting will not be removed the refrigerator will work too loud, blast away.

Shock-absorbers problem

If the new aggregate was operating satisfactorily but suddenly became much noise, it should to check the shock-absorber of compressor – they can be the source of noise. When shock-absorbers are fixed not firmly enough (or they fastening get weaker as the operation), there is additional noise, so do not be surprised that your refrigerator is booming, buzzing and rattling.

Tidy the shock-absorbers to solve the problem.


Technique using refrigerant may produce loud noise due to the fact that the gas is circulated in the pipes at very high speed. This is what you will have to accept because it is quite normal.

In refrigeration chambers of No Frost system noise may occur due to rotation of a built-in fan. When a refrigerator is working louder than usual it is possible because of the frozen on blades of a fan. In this situation it can help complete thawing which should last at least 10 hours.

General recommendations

This is the most relevant answers to the question why the refrigerator chamber is noise. If you could not to cope with a problem by yourself, the problem may be in serious damage that can be removed only by a skilled specialist.

Some sounds such as clicks and pops (an everyday occurrence when relay automatic switching is working) or high buzzing when you turn on the refrigerator are quite normal and are not dangerous.

Remember that the best way to avoid increased noise is paying attention to the characteristics of the refrigerator immediately upon purchase!

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