If your washer not spinning

Washing machine is the best help in the household chores. While the drum rotates, you can do a lot more useful and pleasant things. But when there is any damage inside the machine, it is very difficult to diagnose the problem.

Many housewives know how to load the clothes into the washing machine and they also know what buttons are to be pushed, but the interior of the washing machine remains something mysterious and unknown to most people. Therefore, when the washer won’t spin, it becomes a real tragedy and it seems to be a disaster.Especially when you have a large family, but do not have time to repair the washing machine, and there is no jack of all trades to help you!

washer not spinning

What to do? First of all, do not panic and calm down. The second important thing to do is to unplug the washing machine. Pour off the extra water using the drain filter, pull out the laundry and try to acknowledge, in what moment the drum stopped. There are few variants:

  • During the spin cycle. If the laundry is not soapy, but raw, it means that a problem arose, when the machine tried to spin the water out. In that case you should solve that problem first.
  • The drum had jammed during the wash. If clothes are soapy, it means that drum wasn’t spinning already when the washing cycle. Check out, if you can spin it manually. If even your hand couldn’t stir it, the jam is serious.
  • The drum is rotated by hand, but does not rotate during washing. If the washing machine drum rotates freely, but it is inactive during the wash, then stay tuned, and professionals will investigate the possible causes of this behavior of your washer.

Too much clothes

First of all, try to start the wash cycle with fewer amount of clothes. Perhaps there is no breakage, and you have just overloaded the washing machine. Modern machines have weight sensors built-in andwhen there is “excess” load, they just refuse to work. In this case, the most “advanced” models will indicate an error on the display. If your machine is not equipped with a screen, the machine simply remains stationary, and that’s how you understand, that something is wrong here.

In short, if the washing machine “started up” with fewer clothes,everything’s okay andnothing broke. The main thing to do is try not to wash “all that is possible” in one go. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, and your electronic assistant will serve faithfully for many years.

If the load decrease did not help, it may signalize, that some assembly had gone down.

There may be several reasons for which the laundry does not start because of the immobility of the drum. Let us consider the main ones in the order of their frequency of occurrence.

Breakage Reason
Something is wrong with the belt The driving belt has been frayed, torn or weakened. The belt is the thing that transmits torque from the electric motor to the tank of the washing machine.

It happens because of too active usage, or vice versa: because of long inactivity: the belt of a broken machine can “dry up” and start to crack.


The replacement of the drive belt is needed.

Awearoutofmotor brushes The motor brushes get worn out. As the result, the electric motor does not create the desired electromagnetic field for rotating the rotor of the motor. In the process of washing machine brushes gradually “burn out”, becoming shorter. At that moment, when they are so worn down that they’re no longer connected to the collector, the motor stops rotating.
Malfunction of the module (in washing machines with electronic control system) or programming tool (in Electro-mechanically controlled models) The control board (the brain!) of your washing machine got out of order. If it does not give the drum a signal to start the washing, then the drum remainsmotionless.

The most common causes of failure of the board are power surges, or natural wear and tear.

Then you need a software reflashing or replacement of a control board (if the reason is a malfunction in the control unit).

Malfunction of the motor The motor “burnt down”. Though the motor breaks down extremely rarely, there may be some damage due to power surges or leaks. If there is turn-to-turn fault, the drum is spinning when the washer is empty, you may see a short circuit. If there isbreakage of a stator and of rotor winding, then washer is not spinning at all.


Then the washer needs a thorough diagnosis and subsequent repair or even replacement.

How to fix a washer that doesnt spen? Video

As you see, there are many reasons for drum breakage and they’re very different. So, if your washer won’t spin, don’t try to replace any details on your own. Call the master and the professional help will cure your helping hand. Just wait for a while and don’t solve that problem by yourself; especially if you don’t know the exact reason of drum malfunction.

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