If water appeared in the refrigerator

Is there water in fridge you have found? Or maybe it flows from under the fridge or even you have found it here and there? It shouldn’t be at all because the water – it is evidence of a serious breaking. But to find out why there is water in your fridge you can your own, without resorting to any professional diagnosis. There are breakings that always require mandatory intervention of the repairer, but also there are problems associated with water you can remove without repairers help.

If you find water in the refrigerator, the algorithm of actions is simple. First of all you have to determine the location to understand the nature of the damage and the cause of the appearance of water.

  1. Water is formed on the rear wall. Drops may be either flowing or frozen already. It doesn’t usually mean your fridge has broken. Drops of water on the walls – quite normal fact, but only if your fridge doesn’t have “No Frost” system. Of cause, devices with “No Frost” system must work without drops forming on the rear wall.drops on the wall
  2. Water at the bottom. First of all the reason is the special hole that had been block. Water should drain there, but if is blocked, it cannot find another way, so water flows down to the bottom. This often happens if the fridge disconnected from the electric network.blocked hole in the fridge
  3. Water under the refrigerator. First of all it is necessary to find out the source from where the water gets there. Water can flow from the bottom of the main chamber, if there is a situation described above. Also it can get out from a crowded tray that collects water. The plastic container, into which water flows from the chamber, can be damaged too. If the water is not only a refrigerator, but within it – on the shelves and walls, it is a decisive cause for concern and it is better to call the master. But if you are worried about only a puddle under the refrigerator, clean the drain hole with the wire or empty the tray and keep using your refrigerator.water under the fridge

Frequent causes of water in the refrigerator

  1. Damage of the drainage system: drain obstruction, the displacement of the tube water draining, displacement of the container that collects the liquid.
  2. Incorrect placement of foods on the shelves. If the products are right up against the back wall of the chamber, it provokes clogging the drain. It can be reason of the water inside and under the fridge.
  3. No electricity. It stops fridge working and causes water in it. If you were not at home, you must first ask whether the power supply was disconnected.

All the problems related with water in fridges are divided into two types – those that can be resolved on its own and those that should be eliminated entirely by the master.

Problems that you can resolve yourself:

  1. Clogged drain;
  2. A puddle formed due to the disconnection of electricity supply;
  3. The shift of elements of the drainage system after device reinstallation or transportation.

Repair is needed in all other cases, because even if you remove the visible manifestation of the problem on your own, it still will not go away, and you will need to call the master in any case. But then the repair may become much troublesome and more expensive.

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