How wisely to select an Air Conditioner

If you want the weather at your home or office always exceeds your expectations, you should know that qualitative and wisely selected Air conditioner can comply all your preferences. The range of Air conditioners and climate control, which you can find in the market, are extremely broad. However, you are quite capable of at least a pre-sort out exactly what you need, and how to choose the right device. To do this, you should consider a few key parameters which depend on the technical characteristics of the HVAC equipment, which will be best for you.



First of all you should take into consideration the quadrature of premise, i.e., room space where is necessary to provide air conditioning. It is also important to consider type of room, namely, residential it or industrial. For industrial premises significantly fewer requirements regarding comfort climate and small sizes of equipment.

To select an air conditioner that will work with maximum efficiency, you should also determine whether selected device will operate only in cooling the room or it will be complemented by the heating function. If you need cooling and heating, it makes sense to buy a special device with a reversible heat pump. This kind of conditioners today are not much more expensive than just cooling.

Moreover, choosing conditioner, you need to consider on which side room window comes out, namely, to the south or the north, as well as how many windows, and what are their sizes, the number of users in the room, the amount of computers placed in the room, TV, refrigerators and other devices that produce heat.

These indicators are influenced by the actual heat gain, and as a result show the capacity of the air conditioner. So the more wide and high windows that look out on the south side, the more heat gain will get your room. than in a room with the same area, but with windows that extend to the north. As a result the power of HVAC equipment required for the room may be completely different. Consider also that if your object is located on the top floor of the building, the heat comes also from the roof.

If you want the device not only has option to regulate the room temperature, but also cleans the air in it, then you certainly should pay attention to the model with filters. With this air conditioner becomes possible not only to remove dust and other particles, but also neutralizing unpleasant odors in your area.



If you pre-determined with major parameters, you should remember one more rule. For the successful operation of your air conditioner you need to be sure that installation of your device is correct, as it has the same key as wisely selected parameters of air conditioner. Therefore it is very important to find trusted company that has been installing HVAC equipment. Here you need to pay attention first to the company’s experience and qualification of workmen. Companies in the market with a good reputation and extensive experience will offer you excellent service and a full range of services, including consulting, installation and quality warranty.

To select an air conditioner, the most appropriate to a particular room, first of all you need to decide purpose of the device. Here are some general tips:

The type of air conditioner

First you need to decide which type is more appropriate for you. Air conditioners are:

  • Wall air conditioner. Split system – is two blocks, one block is set in the street (condensing unit), and the second in the room (indoor unit – the evaporator). The advantages of split-systems over other types of air conditioners are as low noise, compactness, a large number of additional features, as well as in a variety of indoor units allows installation of air conditioners without changing the layout of premises.

    wall air conditioner

    wall air conditioner

  • Console air conditioner. Floor-ceiling air conditioner operates on the same principle as the split system, i.e, outside is installed outdoor unit and the room inside and is cooled by circulating freon for inter-unit course. The difference between the console and wall AC are the possibility of their installation on the ceiling or on the floor.

console air conditioner

There are also air-conditioners that are installed only on the floor or on the ceiling. For example a ceiling air conditioner is convenient to install if the room is desirable to install the cassette air conditioning, but there are no suspended ceilings. In this case, the ceiling air conditioning is perfect as a replacement. They are very compact and the average thickness of the device 150-250 mm.

There are 2 installation options for air conditioners floor type where it is close to the floor or in limbo by an average of 0.5 meters from the floor.

  • Cassette air conditioner. Split systems, cassette-type embedded in the suspended ceiling. Uniform cooling / heating of the room is achieved by supplying air in four directions. Cassette conditioners have capacity for cold and heat (5-14 kW) are used in rooms with suspended ceilings: in supermarkets, shops, restaurants, lobbies, halls and offices.

    cassette air conditioner

    cassette air conditioner

  • Ducted air conditioner. Ducted air conditioning, as well as other split-system consists of 2 blocks – external and internal. The indoor unit distributes the cooled or heated air on the premises according to the system of air-supply vents. The indoor unit is attached to the ceiling and hidden above the suspended ceiling, or mounted in the back room. Ducted air conditioning can supply fresh air  to the premises.
  • Portable air conditioner. Portable air conditioners (they are also floor standing air conditioners) are different from the usual split-systems. The compressor and the evaporator are in the same unit, and warm air, from the room, goes out through a special hose. To use the mobile air conditioner does not require installation, but the noise level emitted by portable air conditioning is somewhat higher than that of the air conditioners in which the compressor is passed to the outdoor unit. Floor air conditioners makes sense to establish where it is impossible to put a split-system, or if you are going to take it, for example, to the country house.
  • There is also a mobile split system. Such mobile home air conditioners are composed of indoor and outdoor unit. United flexible tube with refrigerant they practically do not differ from the usual split-systems, except that they simply be removed and relocated.

    mobile split system

    mobile split system

  • Multi-split system air conditioner. Multi-split system is a system of air conditioning, which is attached to an external number of indoor units. Indoor units may be of varying thickness and of different types. Multi-split system is used when there is no capacity to accommodate multi outdoor units.

If device will be installed in a standard apartment, then the best option would be the purchase of wall split systems. If there is a need for air conditioning for other rooms and the installation of outdoor units have certain limitations, often choose a wall multi split system.

Residential premises with a large area, if necessary, may require the use of semi-industrial air conditioners, including cassette, ducted and  console. Their thickness may vary from 5 to 30 kW.

For the rented apartments more often used portable air conditioning.

Determination of the power and additional functions

In determining the unit’s features, you can choose a model with a cooling mode (the EER Energy Efficiency Ratio), or with the heating mode (Energy Efficiency Ratio COP). Mostly the first option is used for cooling the apartments and can be used in other premises, the second is usually used in cold seasons and it is an effective source of additional heating. Therefore it is necessary to pay attention to energy efficiency of the device.

Air conditioners with high energy efficiency mostly suitable for using as a heat source in the premise. For example, split system Daikin FTXR28E / RXR28E. The efficiency factor COP = 5.14, which means that the thermal capacity of 3.6 kW, it consumes only 0.7kVT. This indicator of energy efficiency is one of the best ratios among household air conditioners.

Nowadays are popular inverter conditioners.  Owing to inverter technology provided low noise, maintaining uniform temperature energy savings. Most modern air conditioners are equipped with cleaning and air ionization systems. Thereby there is no necessary to purchase devices such as dehumidifiers, ionizers, air purifiers and other.

Choosing the right model conditioner

Today the market of HVAC equipment represented a huge amount of equipment and various manufacturers. Wide range also allows you to choose the technique on the proposed budget from economy class to elite expensive models. Each of the competing brands on the market offers different models of air conditioners, suitable for a variety of premises, so to recommend a particular brand with our side would not be correct as each conditioner equipped with various functions. In addition, our website provides a lot of various manufacturers. And the best thing we can do for consumers and customers – to do a brief analysis of the most popular brands.

We should start with a more affordable for most consumers conditioners economy class model, that are released Ballu, MIDEA, IDEA, OLMO, TCL and others. Air conditioners economy class have a minimum set of features quite a low price and are intended for a wide range of consumers.


Today, China offers very competitive prices for the production on their territory thereby many well-known companies producing modern technology (not only air conditioners), are transferring their production plants in China. Thus collected equipment in the Chinese factory machinery satisfies the needs of the average consumer and the quality and price.

An additional argument in favor of the Chinese air conditioner assembly is a warranty on the air conditioner. This period is often the same for Japanese and Chinese models. Moreover, there are now Chinese brand of air conditioner  with the Japanese compressor for example, such as a low-cost air conditioners Cooper & Hunter, NeoClima, Dekker.

Business class air conditioners Samsung – this is the best budget equipment for home and office. Due to versatility, the conditioners Samsung will always help you to create the most comfortable indoor climate. The company regularly improves the technique, so climatic equipment of this brand is not only cools the air – conditioners Samsung is also working on the heat, provide antibacterial protection and ionization of the air. Also Samsung air conditioners can be used in power-saving mode.

With the optimal combination of price and quality sufficiently high popularity among consumers enjoy LG air conditioners. They are not only high quality and reliable, but also LG air conditioners are different and original design. The first perfect LG air conditioners for those who prefer the comfort, but do not forget about style and comfort.

From the class of expensive conditioners pros are the most prestigious air conditioners Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric which represented one of the broadest model line. They are versatile and have proven themselves with the good side. Perfect and reliable air conditioners Mitsubishi Electric are able to satisfy the demands of even the most demanding customers. If you do not want to save on your own comfort and, consequently, on the technique, planning to choose the best, the Daikin air conditioners will fit you perfectly.

No less popular nowadays, and air conditioning Mitsubishi Heavy – equipment that best meets all European standards. The main feature which distinguishes the air conditioners Mitsubishi Heavy to any other climatic technology, exceptional reliability and durability. Japanese air conditioners Mitsubishi Heavy – designed to operate for more than five years without unscheduled maintenance. In addition, air conditioners Mitsubishi Heavy have functions not only cool the air in the room, as well as work on the heating, air cleaning and drying. Among the many models you can choose the perfect instance for both home and office.

Worth mentioning also available Panasonic, Toshiba, Hitachi air conditioners, offer simple compact device and reliable industrial systems. Available Panasonic and Hitachi air conditioning especially for pro the class, economy class and business class. The most expensive are the Deluxe Class Panasonic air conditioners maintain the oxygen enrichment of air, analysis of the indoor environment and free from dust of the room.

Guided by the above description, you know how to choose the right air conditioner for the home. However, the mistake is still possible, and our company will be able to prevent it. Entrust this question to our experts!

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