How to use pressure cooker?

If you are reading this article it means that you are happy owner of such device as pressure cooker. This appliance is perfect for quick cooking and saves all the vitamins and minerals that are losingwhile you are using other methods. If you are using pressure cooker first time it is very important to know how to deal with and learn basics of work. Knowing the basic principle of device, you can determine whether it is in normal operation or operation is unstable.

how to use pressure cooker

So now, let’s sort out how to use pressure cooker. First of all you should read manual. But if you do not have it, we are here to answer questions.

Now, let’s have a look the way device works. Pressure cooker cooks more faster than other methods due to steam which is generated by heating and subsequently increases boiling temperature. Basically, there are two types of device. The first one is an old typeof device with weighted pressure regulator which placed on the top of vent pipe, also this type is called jiggle top. The second type is a new model with a spring valve and closed system.

Before loading products in pressure cooker, always check case of appliance, it should be smooth without any cracks. Also, the cooker must be cleaned from leftovers. If cover of device is cracked, steam can burn you.

How to load products in pressure cooker? Before using an appliance, ensure that there is some water. The liquid level in the pressure cooker should not exceed ⅔ of the total volume, since the vapour must take some space.

products in pressure cooker

Pressure cooker with weighted pressure regulator: If you have this type of device, you need to be sure that you put at least 1 glass of water. Normally this amount of water quite enough to cook for for 20 minutes.

Pressure cooker with a valve spring: The minimum amount of liquid in cooker of this type is one-half cup.

Basket and trivet. If you have pressure cooker, you might got complete with basket for vegetables and fruits. Normally for basket attached trivet. Under the basket attached stand. Trivet is located at the bottom of cooker and a basket sets on trivet.

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