How to save electricity? Simple tips

The first thing that comes to mind when you decided to start saving it is a reduction in electricity consumption or in other words conservation of electricity. Indeed, there are huge number of appliance in modern apartments that operates on electricity such as microwave, kettle, iron, TV, multi cooker etc. All of these things are designed to facilitate life. As all of us know for received benefits, we must pay. In this case, we are paying huge electricity consumption, which at times, affects on family budget.


Today, there are lots of tips to save electricity. These tips are not really difficult, but for good efficiency it requires daily application. In addition, the reduction of electricity consumption, has a beneficial effect for more global things such as global warming.

Tips on how to save electricity

Using energy saving lamps

One way of saving light is a simple replacement of regular incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent (CFL) or LED bulbs. And although the cost of these lamps more expensive than regular incandescent light, but term of use is much longer. Due to the fact that these bulbs almost do not heat up, the expended energy goes only to lighting. The average service life of up to three years.

Always follow manual when you use an appliance

For example, if you put the refrigerator near the stove or heating system, electricity consumption will increase by several times, as the device will have to operate in emergency mode to maintain the required temperature. The same goes for the moments when you put in the refrigerator hot food. Also, do not forget to defrost the fridge on time, as due to presence of ice on the freezer walls electricity consumption increases by 15-20 percent.

Turn off the light

Perhaps this rule is the easiest way to save energy. Try to make a habit of turning off the lights always when you leave a room or if you do not trust your memory, write a note with a reminder and hang near the front door. This tip is one of the most effective.

Clean the lightbulb

Thinking about how to save electricity in the apartment, not everyone knows that they need to wipe the bulbs. People think that is much easier to replace tarnished bulbs with more powerful lamp but you should know that dust can “eat” up to 20 percent of the light emitted from the lamp.

Insulate the room

In addition to all of the above, it is possible to save energy by adopting simple measures on warming the room. Ensure that doors and windows are well sealed. Through not well sealed windows you can lose up to 50% of the heat.

Insulation of your home keeps warm heated air during winter time and leads to saving energy in bills.

Do not leave appliances in the “standby”. Unplug it

TV, computers, stereos etc are actively operating only a few hours in a day. At other times, they are in standby mode, whilst keep using energy. Also, some people think that turning off the device while it still plugged in, an appliance stops consumption of electricity. In fact, to stop consumption of electricity first of all you should unplug any appliances that you are not using. Even small appliances such as chargers, hair dryer, coffee pot can run on electricity.

Nowadays, saving electricity is not complicated procedure it depends only on your desire. In addition to these methods there are also many other tips that are used by people. The most important thing is to remember for which purpose you are doing this.

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