How to replace a multi or slow cooker?

The modern world and active life is not conducive to proper and timely nutrition. Sometimes, is not enough time on cooking, and eating in restaurants and fast food is not always healthy. However, over time this inconvenience turns into a serious problem that requires a solution, because our body refuses to fully function with this way nutrition.


In such cases, we would recommend you to purchase multi cooker or slow cooker. And also you will know about multi and slow cooker substitute.

Multi cooker and slow cooker are kitchen appliances which are rapidly gaining the trust and admiration of housewives in recent years. This devices will allow you to solve problem with unhealthy nutrition and save your time.

Let’s start with multi cooker. This device is very simple to use, despite the large number of programs, has a good and modern design. The device design is quite simple and straightforward. It helps to make major changes in diet. With multi cooker you can cook useful porridge, vitamin soups, and even harmful burgers. For the dessert you will get a wonderful cake, and in winter time you can make delicious jam.

But not all happy owners of multi cooker are really happy. Some of them cannot cope with the management, some can’t break a habit from old way of cooking food.

This multifunctional device will allow you to give up frying pans and pots. Owing to multi cooker, operation of plate and other electrical appliances will be reduced to a minimum.

What can substitute a multi cooker


Let’s have a look at the functions of device

  1. First of all, multi cooker completely replaces a stove. Preparation of soup, porridge or cakes, all actions associated with frying of vegetables, sauces, seasoning soup can be done directly in appliance.
  2. Ability to open lid during cooking process helps to alternately add all the ingredients and spices necessary for dish.
  3. Everything what you cooked before on the stove, you can easily cook in multi cooker. Especially cereals and porridge. The device can replace a pot, frying pan and even deep fryer.
  4. In addition multi cooker can completely replace steam cooker. The device even has a special program that allows you to cook in mode “steam” and additional accessory such as a cup for cooking in “steam”. Of course, steam cooker allows you to cook several dishes, and volume is much higher than the volume of multi cooker, but in combination with other features multi cooker looks more necessary in the kitchen.

All mentioned above can be replaced by multi cooker. But if you are looking for multi and slow cooker substitute, you should know that  using of stove, oven, pots and pans can replace this miracle device but with more effort and time. So basically, nothing can replace multi cooker as it was create to simplify our life and forget about stove and oven.

And one more important thing, the major advantage of multi cooker is the price. Nowadays, appliances market is plenty of multi cookers and some manufacturers significantly throw off the price, in order to realize the old model and the new release. If you see good device on the shelf supermarket, but you confused with price, do not worry, the quality of the device is not affected.

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