How to paint microwave inside and get rid of rust


Nowadays microwaves have become part of everyday life and allow us to quickly warm up or defrost food products. But over time the paint can flake off from the surface. Much easier manage this problem if it’s happened on the surface of microwave, but if it is happened inside technique it can take more time and efforts. The reason is the inner coating is much more difficult to recover due to the features of the equipment.

So let’s consider what we can do if microwave has rust inside. How to paint microwave inside in order not to spoil the technique?

Many people believe that if the paint was peeling off, the appliance should be only thrown away. In fact, even if you bought a new microwave oven, the old can be restored and used on a country house or suburban area.

As shown, if the work has been done correctly and used high-quality materials, the lifetime of the device will last at least twice more.

How to paint microwave inside

Choosing the right type of paint

The first step is to choose paint, which should be used for painting interior microwave. Since the equipment is used for cooking, the compound should meet a number of requirements, so you need to give a lot of attention to make right choice.

Criteria for selection of paint

When going shopping take into account several important factors, which should correspond to the composition without fail:

  • The lack of any substances that have a negative impact on human health. After drying, the surface must not give off any harmful substances. Because during heating up, the process of decomposition harmful substances is more intense at some times.
  • The paint composition should be sufficiently robust to adverse factors, such as humidity and temperature differences. Exactly these factors have a negative effect on the facing of microwave, and are the cause of flaking and blistering.

Important! Contrary to popular belief the walls of microwave do not heat up during operation, with the exception of cases of long-term operation of the equipment, which is more than 20 minutes. Heated only products and their heat affects on the coating, than microwave rays. The heat of products has more affect on coating of appliance, than microwave rays.

  • Paint for microwave should match the shade. Because if inner and outer part has different color, the equipment doesn’t look nice. Some types of paints available in a limited range of colors that reduces the area of use.

Types of appliance paint

Let’s consider which compounds are used to coat the interior of appliance.

So if we talk about types of paint for repaint we would say that in general there are only two types that can be used for interior of microwave. It is brush-on and spray-on. Of course, the easiest way is the spray paint. This way saves your time and effort. When you are going to purchase paint, ensure that you’re buying the right type, which is designed for microwave use.

Features Workflow

Now look at how to dye the interior of microwave, as the correct process is no less important than the quality material.

In preparation for doing the following activities:

Preparation process

  • Remove all loose paint. In addition, if the surface has swollen areas, it must also be removed. All microwave’s walls should be perfectly flat, so the coating will keep securely. It’s easy to check visually and by touch.
  • All sectors clean with sandpaper and degreased using any solvent.
  • Then you can begin to dye. Don’t forget to read carefully instruction on the packaging. Some of the compounds need to be mixed thoroughly some need to be diluted.

Tips! The easiest way to use the paint for the microwave in aerosol containers, so you can perfect paint surface and between layers you don’t have to wait long time. And don’t forget that the work should be performed in well-ventilated areas.

In this review, we examined in detail the question whether it is possible to paint if microwave has rust inside, what structure is best to choose, and how to work to ensure the best results.

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