How to make your fridge economic and save electricity?

The word “economy” often brings bad emotions. Usually when we are saving we have to reject something what we used to have. But this is not always right. In our case, saving is a correct management of available resources. In this article, we will talk about how to make refrigerator economic. Recently we wrote about ways to save electricity, but now we’ll pay attention only to fridges.


Refrigerator spends in several times more energy than other devices because it works continuously. If you want to save you should start to do it during purchase of the fridge. First of all try to find an appliance with high energy efficiency. Manufacturers are trying to improve these indicators with release of each new model as it lead to low power consumption of fridge. And although, the cost of this refrigerator more, but as a result, price difference will be paid off by low power consumed by refrigerator.

How to make refrigerator economic?

  • Place the refrigerator in the right place. Firstly, the appliance shouldn’t stand next to a stove, battery, window or any other heating appliance. Put the fridge in the coolest place in the kitchen. Secondly, do not put the refrigerator tight to wall, leave a gap for air circulation. The efficiency depends on how quickly the condenser is cools.
  • Regularly remove dust from the rear wall of the refrigerator. Dust prevents recoil of heat in outside air. Normally, dust is collected on the back of refrigerator, due to active air circulation around a heating condenser. Dust easily removed with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Try to find the optimum cooling temperature. With a minimum temperature the products are spoiled very fast, and the maximum temperature often does not make sense. Find out the average storage temperature.
  • Do not put in the refrigerator open pans with liquids. Evaporation from the surface of the liquid disrupts the operation of the evaporator. The source of excess moisture can become vegetables, fruits and other foods. Before you put sliced products such as watermelon or cabbage, always pack it in plastic wrap.
  • Do not put hot foods in the refrigerator. Try to cool the food as much as possible before you put it in the fridge.
  • Do not open refrigerator without sense. As soon as you open the fridge, warm air from the kitchen gets in it, and the compressor has to be cooled again. So do not keep the refrigerator door open for a long time, think in advance what you need to get, and try to reduce the approaches to the fridge in search of “something delicious.”
  • There is no sense to keep the fridge half empty. You do not save energy, sending a portion of the products to the storage on the balcony. Due to weight reduction of products, the temperature stability is decreases and compressor is switched on more frequently. However, products must be placed so that air can circulate between them.
  • Try to fill freezer as much as you can. The higher heat capacity of the products, the more stable temperature, and as a result the compressor turns on less. If the freezer half empty, put there some water bottle.

Agree, that the rules are not very complicated, but it do help you to know how to make your fridge with low power consumption.

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