How to increase the service life of your fridge?

When we buy a new fridge we always hope that it will work perfectly and last long. That is why most people do some research and compare different models before choosing a particular refrigerator. There is a great variety of options differing in the size, price or functionality. Sometimes it is very hard to make a decision and pick up the most suitable appliance. However, the longevity of a fridge depends mostly on its proper maintenance and care.

How to increase the service life of your fridge

There are several tips which will help you ensure a long service life for your refrigerator.

Transport your fridge properly

If you think, that refrigerator care starts at home then you are mistaken. It is very important how you transport your appliance to its permanent location in the kitchen. It is highly recommended to transport your fridge in a vertical position or at a slant, making sure that there is an angle of at least 40 degrees.

transport your fridge in a vertical position

transport your fridge in a vertical position

If you ignore these recommendations the oil, which normally should stay in the compressor, will flow out. This may damage the work of the cooling system of a refrigerator.

If you cannot avoid laying your fridge on its side during transportation you should take certain precautions:

  • Firstly, you should make sure that the tube connected to the compressor is directed upward.
  • Secondly, you should follow the instructions on the box or compressor. They will inform you on which side you should transport the fridge to minimize the possible risks.

It is also very important to use straps to prevent the fridge from moving and bumping inside the transport vehicle. Covering the appliance’s surface with a blanket will help to avoid scratches even if the fridge is in a carton box.

Do not plug your fridge right after it has arrived at its final destination and has been put in an upright position. You should wait at least a few hours before turning it on.

Keep your fridge away from any heat source

You should designate a spot for your refrigerator beforehand. Make sure you do not place the appliance next to an oven, radiator or any other heat source. Direct sunlight can have a negative influence on the work of your refrigerator, so you should keep that in mind too.

It is not a good idea to have an underfloor heating in the kitchen, but if you decide to install it, avoid the spot reserved for your fridge. Standing on a heated floor will cause your refrigerator’s compressor work nonstop and due to such abnormal operating conditions the appliance may soon break down.

Mind the door seals

door seals

It is essential that you regularly check the doors of your fridge. If the seals get loose the cool air will be constantly seeping out. As a result, the fridge will have to work harder to keep up the required temperature which will lead to waste of energy. If you are not sure how to check those seals you can carry out a special test. Close a banknote in the fridge door so that only one half of it is out and then try to pull it. If it does not slip out then the door seals of you fridge are in a good condition. Otherwise, you might need an advice of a professional.

Keeping your fridge clean

Any appliance should be kept clean but when it concerns refrigerators this rule is especially important. There are three stages of cleaning a domestic fridge:

Clean the external surface of the appliance. To do so you will need a soft cloth and suds or a baking soda solution. Pay special attention to the holders or the places which you grab to open the doors of the fridge.

cleaning a fridge

If the exterior of your refrigerator is made of stainless steel there are only certain cleaners which can be applied on its surface. You can find information about these cleaning products in the instruction book or on the official website of the maker.

Clean the interior. Before starting this stage you should unplug the fridge and take out all products and foods. Remember that you should never apply acids, abrasives or aggressive cleaning agents when it concerns a domestic refrigerator. Read more about refrigerator cleaning.

Clean all drawers and shelves, including those on the doors, using warm water and special disinfectant. After that, you can wipe everything with a dry piece of cloth. Do not forget to check all products before putting them back into the fridge to make sure that they are not past their expiry date and are still edible. It will be enough to do such a thorough cleaning once in three months. Once a week you can just wipe the shelves of your refrigerator with a damp cloth.

There are also several measures you can take to get rid of unpleasant smells in your refrigerator. You can buy special fridge deodorants or aromatizers or place a little amount of baking soda on a plate inside the fridge. Soda will absorb the smells.

The back side of the fridge also requires cleaning because it accumulates a lot of dust. You should carry out such cleaning twice or three times a year using a vacuum cleaner with a special attachment and a dry duster.

As you see, a proper care of refrigerator is not a difficult task. Following the above-mentioned recommendations, you will prolong the lifetime of your fridge without making a special effort.

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