How to get rid of stench from the refrigerator?

There is no need to explain how it annoys when your fridge smells. There is nothing more disgusting than to open your refrigerator and smell spoiled products. Sometimes it so happens that we remove food but the smell remains. Now we are going to find out what preventive measures we can take to remove unnecessary and annoying smell.

Removing odors from refrigerator (Video)

Useful tips

Some women are really good at household can tell you they know how to get rid of smell from your refrigerator. Many of them have already tried different cleaners, odor control systems. The matter is that some of them work nicely, other don’t produce any effect at all. After many attempts to solve this issue ladies came to the conclusion that the best remedy against the smell is clearing out everything, throwing away all the left overs, washing all the containers which can contain smell because all of them are made of plastic. It is reasonable to take away fruit, packages which have been opened for a long time already. Plastic is absorbing the smell and this is the reason why you can’t get rid of it. The best variant to keep food in a fridge is to have glass containers.

Plastic is absorbing the smell, so use glass containers

Plastic is absorbing the smell, so use glass containers

After you finish with clearing, start cleaning: wipe everything that can be dripped, spilled, spattered. Pay attention to the eggs clot and crisper. If these details can be pulled out you’d better do that, because you must have as much free area for working as possible. Do not forget to clean the racks, crispers and drawers. Clean everything very attentively – do the best of what you can do. You can put these details into the apple cider vinegar for soaking. Let them be wet a little bit because it will help you to absorb bad smell.

clean a refregirtor

It is recommended to do the same outside the refrigerator. Leave for some time and then wipe everything down. Clean and wash everything that you have pulled out. Inside details must be washed, rinsed and dried.

Sometimes you can find some rotten things in your refrigerator which can cause unpleasant smell too. To avoid it you should take baking soda. You may need the entire box per 1 bucket of water. Your aim is to wipe everything down as you have done before. Only careful wiping will help you to get rid of a bad smell.

You will be surprised but coal also can help you if you pit a bit of it into baking soda. But be very careful: don’t let neither soda nor coal get into your food, otherwise you’ll be sick.

You can make so called unflavoured gelatin. Before making it please read the instruction very carefully. When you have finished doing it put in the centre of the refrigerator. The fridge must be opened. In this case the gelatin will absorb all the smells inside. The secret is that the gelatin picks up any kind of smell.

There is one service which the gelatin can serve you: if you put it into the water you can give it to your outside plants, trees – it will give him lots of life energy. Of course you mustn’t use the gelatin for cooking because it will do a lot of harm to you. But trees will not suffer because they don’t care about the smell.

Soda for bakery

If the question how to remove odor from refrigerator is till bothering you the first thing you should try is baking soda. If you have the goal to get rid of disgusting smell and spilled drinks inside of your fridge you must remove all the contents, after that sprinkle soda for bakery and scrub everything: inside details, shelves and so on. Don’t hesitate to rinse the fridge with wet sponge and place a fresh box of bakery soda into your refrigerator after you’ve done your work.

Balls made of cotton

If something is spilled in your refrigerator and it smells the best method to get rid of that is to use cotton balls. You can dampen them with extract of your favourite odor and place them on the shelf in the refrigerator. This is something like deodorizer which will make your fridge a lovely storage for food and beverages.

Lemon will help you to get rid of the stench

remove odor from the fridge

Good old lemon is also a preventive measure against bad smell in your fridge. It is believed to be the easiest way to remove unpleasant smells. You must dab the lemon juice on the cotton pad and put it into the refrigerator for some hours. Of course beforehand you must drag out everything that can cause unpleasant smell.


When you remove all the racks, food and drinks from your refrigerator it is a high time to mix up a handful of salt with 3,7 liters of water. Use the sponge to clean your refrigerator with this mixture in order to get rid of an annoying smell. It is very good that such mixture is not abrasive. It means it won’t scratch the surface of your refrigerator. What’s more you won’t let any chemicals or unpleasant odors into your refrigerator.

You are the only one to choose which preventive measure to undertake. The most important thing is to be sure that your refrigerator won’t be spoiled and you won’t be annoyed with unpleasant smells. Make sure as well that no chemical elements will mix with the food in the refrigerator: in this case you will under the risk of poisoning.

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