How to get rid of bad smell in a home air conditioner?

Bad smell from the air conditioner can appear within a month or two after installation. Very often, this problem occurs after a long break in its work: for example, at the beginning of the summer, if it was not used in the cold period. Do not rush to blame manufacturers or craftsmen who have installed your model: such trouble sooner or later happens.


Causes of bad smell in air conditioner

First of all try to determine what is smell looks like? Old wet rag? Sewer? Or it isn’t like any smell you know. Maybe the source is not the conditioner at all? But if you sure the only reason is the AC unit then it’s time to figure out why it happened. At least there are 3 reasons:

  1. Surrounding odors that are accumulated in AC filters. The fact that many of the air conditioners do not take air from the outside and cool the air that is already it the room. As a result, odors are accumulated and outputted back in concentrated form. If you have a new inexpensive furniture, it may contain a large amount of formaldehyde resins, the smell of which are far from pleasant. Plastics and synthetics may emit odors too.
  2. Mould and bacteria. These pests appear in not because of someone’s fault. Mould and bacteria. These pests appear in not because of someone else’s fault. Just the evaporator temperature is always lower than the ambient temperature, and that’s why condensate appearance is guaranteed. Under normal conditions, it is removed from the system by drain tubes, but before that time it contacts with the environment, which is not sterile. So bacteria and mold appear, and if you don’t use the device for a long time, they multiply very quickly: warm and dampness – ideal environment for bacteria reproduction.
  3. Drainage without siphon. Sometimes the moisture is removed from the AC unit not to the street but into the sewer. If the installation does not imply the siphon using, the whole “charm” of sewage pipes can burst out and fill your apartment.

How to make your air conditioner smell good

All methods of cleaning the AC are reduced to one: wash mold and other dirt, disinfect parts and dry them thoroughly. To this end, it is desirable to disassemble it by yourself or call for expert help. If the smell is barely there, you can try to remove it without disassembling the split-system. However, such measures give only a temporary effect.

Method number 1. Thoroughly dry

In some models, the fan is switched off not immediately after turning off the unit: so the AC gets rid of excess condensate by itself. If there is no such a function, try to turn on a fan for a few minutes before you completely switch off the device. It will be an excellent prevention of a mold formation.

Method number 2. Disinfect

There are special facilities for the air-conditioners disinfection. Typically, it should be sprayed at place, where the device takes the air. Together with the air flow solution drops penetrate into the drainage system and destroy bacteria and fungus there. If stagnation of water is small, it is enough for complete elimination of smell from the air conditioner.

Method number 3. Disassemble and clean

Such a procedure is simple, but to describe it we need to create a new post. Sometimes it is necessary to ask master for a help, because without special knowledge you can just break the AC unit and never repair it.

Antimicrobial filters and coating

Photocatalytic filter

Filters of this type are able to decompose any organic compound on components as water, carbon oxides and other harmless to humans. Such process occurs due to the fact that ultraviolet rays decompose titanium dioxide. This filter is able to absorb any odors of organic origin. At the same time, which is important, titanium dioxide in the process of cleaning is not contaminated and is not consumed – this material is only a catalyst, an accelerator that is the splitting process.

These filters offer many well-known companies which produce HVAC equipment.

Plasma ionizer

This filter consists of a structure made of metal plates between which is applied a voltage several thousands of volt. In contact between the plates the various fungi, bacteria and viruses are neutralized, and the larger dust particles and electrostatically adhere to the plates. The filter system of this type is much more efficient than standard filtration systems and it is not required periodic replacement of filters.

Catechin filter

Catechin is a powerful natural remedy for disinfection, which is contained in tea leaves and in other healing plants. The company Panasonic has patented electrostatic filter with catechin coating. The mechanism of action of catechin is simple – viruses need to attach to a healthy cell, for this they use special spikes and catechin envelops viruses, preventing them to attach. The efficiency of this filter was confirmed experimentally, after passing through 98% of the viruses it do not pose a risk.

Wasabi filter

This filter has the ability to destroy bacteria with substance from wasabi horseradish derived from Japan. Air conditioners with such filters release Japanese corporation General-Fujitsu.

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