How to defrost your fridge?

One of the most troublesome duties in the kitchen is defrosting refrigerator. You must wait for a long time, until all the ice has melted, besides you must take care about all products from the refrigerator – to find place for them. It takes practically all day. That’s why it’s so important defrosting fridge in a right way, you must do everything accurately and quickly.

fridge defrosting

Fortunately, the refrigerator manufactures are trying  to make this procedure easily and offer two types of refrigerator defrost system: drip defrost and “No frost” system.

First of all you must know how your refrigerator defrosts.  Information about it can be found in the instruction that you must read carefully.

“No frost” system

There is a special fan in this system which creates uniform circulation of cold air inside fridge. Because of it, products are rapidly cool. Moisture is constantly output, that’s why you don’t see a frost. Evaporator, placed inside refrigerator, draws condensate.

air circulation in a fridge with no frost system

air circulation in a fridge with no frost system

«No frost» system is programmed so that fan stops periodically. At this moment a special heater switches on and frost is melting. After it, melt water is expelled into the sump, and evaporates little by little.

Drip (crying) defrost

In this system there is a cooling element on the rear panel. That’s why the back wall is the coldest inside. This wall draws the condensate where it turns into the ice. When compressor stops cooling, the back wall is heated because of which ice is melting. The defrost water flows out through the hole into the special tray where gradually evaporates.

More often only cooling chamber is self-defrosted. What about defrosting a freezer, it must be done manually.

Starting defrosting

How to defrost the refrigerator with “No frost” system? First of all, you must turn it off from the outlet. Only after it you can start your business. “No frost” system is excellent in struggle with hoarfrost, but what about food debris, different crumbs and contamination? You must remove them yourself. Wipe inside with baking soda solution, remove residues with clean cloth. Don’t forget about boxes and trays. You may switch on refrigerator when it is completely dry inside. Although the work of “No frost” system is aimed at removing moisture, it’s better to rid of it yourself before turning on.

How to defrost refrigerator if there is drip defrost?

Switch it off and releasing all the shelves, put them out from the refrigerator. If they are freeze, it’s better not to touch immediately. Let them thaw a little, then put all products into a container and take to a cooler place. Wrap the contents of the freezer in newspaper quickly, tightly packed in a pot with a lid. Cover the pot with the towel and take out to the cold room or a balcony, not to defrost products completely.

After it put a bowl or pan at the bottom of the camera to collect water, open the door widely and fix not to close. If door is closed, defrosting will be slower. Many modern devices have gutter for drainage of melt water, which is often at the bottom of the front panel. Find it and put any container to prevent falling water on the floor. Remove all rugs and put a cloth or old newspapers on the floor in case moisture will still be draining on the floor.

defrosting refregirator

put a bowl or pan ещ the camera to collect water

While ice is melting, clean all boxes, removable shelves and trays. You may wash them by dishwashing liquid or baking soda solution. When fridge is completely defrost, take out all containers with water and wipe dry walls and door. The whole process will take about 4 hours.

But there are a lot of methods to defrost refrigerator quickly if you don’t have enough time or patience. But choosing the way you must be careful not to mar anything. Avoid knife, removing ice from the wall and pipes, you may damage them.  There are many safe methods for this business.

For example, you can pour boiling water into a wide pan, put it on the shelf and close the refrigerator door. It is better to lay a towel under the bottom of the pot, so as not to damage the surface. Hot steam will quickly defrost even the largest block of ice in the freezer for a short period of time. After 20 minutes, the ice begins to fall away from the walls. Or put a hot water bottle, which will raise the temperature inside.

Another method is using a hair dryer. Direct the stream of hot air inside. Be careful with cooling pipes, don’t heat them too much to prevent their deformation. It’s better to melt a small area, and then move the next. But this method is not safe, if the melt water gets inside the hair drier, you can strike shock.

use hear dryer to defrost a fridge

use hear dryer to defrost a fridge

The third and safest method is fan with temperature control. Set the maximum power, direct the flow of air inside the refrigerator and it’ll be defrosted in just 45 minutes.

It’s very comfortably to have refrigerator with two compressors. In this case you may turn off only one compartment while the machine continues to work.

How often you need to defrost the refrigerator?

There is no definite answer on this question. It depends on many factors: temperature in the kitchen, right exploitation of refrigerator and its defrost system. What about “No frost” system, it takes care about ice itself. All you need is to switch off refrigerator every six months and clean it.

Refrigerator with drip system is must be defrosted one in half-year too. What about old models of refrigerator, they need in defrosting every two months.

So, you mustn’t have special knowledge for defrosting refrigerator in a right way. Just be careful and patient.

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