How to defrost a fridge?


Each fridge requires a careful attitude, no matter how perfect and technological it is. If you will be treated to a device properly, it will please you a stable performance and high quality of storage of products placed in it.

Number of defrosts needed per year is defined by the defrost type used in fridge. The modern model of the fridge, the less it need to be defrosted, because the producers every year are doing their best to improve the technology.

How often should I defrost my fridge and why do I need it at all? Here it is worth to remember that fridge defrosting isn’t just getting rid of the ice, but also an important hygienic procedure. Its result is getting rid of odors and colonies of pathogenic microorganisms that may accumulate in chamber during its work.

Defrosts systems

As we have said, today’s manufacturers almost in all cooling device insert the automatic system of defrosting. Without them, we should have to defrost the refrigerator at least once a month, or even every week.

Currently the most commonly used system are Drip and No Frost system. In the case of Drip system, which is typical for older models, you will need to defrost the fridges chamber at least once in three months.

The second type has a more complex construction. With the No Frost system used in 2-compressor devices and based on the special sensors, you need to defrost the refrigerator once in six months, for hygienic reasons. Although many manufacturers specify that they have developed a model that doesn’t need to be defrosted, we don’t believe in it. Nowadays all fridges require defrosting.

Remember that each fridge has an instruction which, of course, no one reads. So, in this document written the instructions of what user has to do to defrost the system works properly for a long time.

Defrosting process

If intent is getting rid of layers of ice, then you need to turn off the fridge of the circuit and wait until the frost has melted completely. How long does it last? It depends on the volume of layers of ice. Some refrigerators have a special defrost mode, which allows to defrost the device without disconnecting from the circuit. Do not try use a hair dryer as it is, though fast, but is not right and even dangerous!

After thawing, we take out walls and shelves and proceed to their hand-washing. Don’t forget to get rid of all water, which was formed as a result of thawing. Then wash the refrigerator inside and outside, using a soda solution. Do not be confused! First wash inside!

Remember that the refrigerator defrosting requires patience. Trying to remove the frost using pneumatic tools or sharp objects, you can damage the device, and it will lead to a costly repairs.

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