How to clean your washing machine?

The washing machines are really helpful devices for modern people. Many people really have not much time, and they would like to do some usual processes of everyday life as washing more comfortable and quicker. Therefore modern and practical washing machine could be truly appropriate for many people…

Actually, the modern washing machines could work during ten years. But it could work less because of dirt, dust, “rigid” water from a water supply system. A device could just stop working in some day because of fur. So, if you want your washing machine would work really long, you should keep in mind some things.

washing machine cleaning

Well, if a washing machine stop working, you should think about possible reasons. Try to determine a reason of break. Actually, most widespread reasons are dense obstruction of filter and formation of fur on the tubular electric heating element. So, if you want to save your washing machine, you should firstly learn about these problems.

Cleaning of the exhaust filter of draining pump

The obstruction of this filter is not rarity. You could clean this filter. How to do this? Firstly you should know the location of this filter. It is placed in the front side of the washing machine, at the bottom. You could find there the cover with squad shapes.

draining pump

Open the cover. You will see the plug, which covers flexible pipe of draining pump. Substitute a tank before pull out the plug, because the water could flow out from the flexible pipe. You will see the reason of obstruction right behind the plug. Some things as hairs, buttons and other pollutions come in the draining pump after each washing. If you never cleaned it, an unpleasant smell could come from this place.

Then clean the filter from the collected dirt by the hand in a glove. You should dry the filter till absolutely dryness by a clean dried fabric. You should clean the draining hole of the filter at least two times in month. But it would be better, if you would clean it after each washing.

Cleaning of tubular electric heating element

The break of tubular electric heating element is most widespread break of washing machines. If the water from the water supply system is too “rigid”, the risk of such break is really big. The layer of scum becomes bigger with each washing. If the number of scum becomes too big, the tubular electric heating element doesn’t let even to turn on the program for washing.

heater elements with scum

heater elements with scum

There are two ways for cleaning the tubular electric heating element from the fur. First way is the lemon acid. The number of powder of this acid, which is required, depends on the number of fur. Approximately the washing machine with loading of five kilograms requires five packages of the lemon acid.

You should empty four of them in the tank for powder and one package in the cylinder of machine. Then adjust the regime of washing with maximum temperature – 90-95 ºC. While the water will be flowed out, you will see the pieces of the dirty-gray fur. If the pieces will clog the draining flexible pipe, this flexible pipe will must be cleaned manually. You could use the lemon acid twice in a month.

The other way to clean the tubular electric heating element is the acetic acid. Actually, this method is not as good as previous. Why? Well, actually, the acetic acid more aggressive than the lemon acid. If you would use this method, some other parts of a washing machine could be damaged. But this acid cleans fur from the tubular electric heating element better and quicker.

If you decided to use this way of cleaning, you should flood the 50 milliliters of vinegar in the hole for powder and for the conditioner. You should think twice before choosing such way of cleaning because of disadvantage, which is described above. It’s a folk way, and only you should decide, does it deserve your trust, or it doesn’t.

Other parts of a washing machine, which could require cleaning

You could find the dirt, mold and fungus in the removable section for washing powder and detergent tools. You should take out the removable section and try to clean all dirt in this section by sponge or old toothbrush, which should be soaped by the household soap. Actually, the old toothbrush is better for such aim, than the sponge.

You could find the fur in the tank for conditioner. You could easily get rid of it by using the tool for removal the pollutions from a toilet sink. You could purchase inexpensive tool with chlorine and flood 20-30 milliliters in the tank. After that you should wait 1-2 hours. The particles of mold will dissolve with the fur. You could wash the tank after each 3-5 washing; such measure could help you to avoid the formation of mold and dirt.

The cylinder of a washing machine could also collect dirt and limy deposit. Well, if you want to economize your time, you should in advantage purchase a washing machine with the function of automatic cleaning the cylinder. You would need just push the button, and the process of cleaning would start.

Well, the washing machine wash is not as hard as somebody could think. Maybe, somewhere, it will be even more easier, than today. But the modern technologies already could clean a washing machine with comfort. Also, they let people to not spend much time for such procedures.

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