How to clean fridge door seals?


If the refrigerator door seal is dirty, it will be fit bad, so it will lead to the loss of the cold from chamber. Therefore, you need to take care of not only refrigerator as a whole, but also of the seal.

If you are sure that the seal is not working as it should, it clogged with crumbs and dirt, so it must be cleaned or replaced with new one. First of all pay attention to how tightly sealing gum adjacent to the housing. Piece of paper about 0.2 mm thick will help to check the clearance. It should not move from side to side after you place it between the metal and rubber. If it moves freely, it is the first sign of detachment, so the door seal is needed to be cleaned of replaced.

Recovery the fridge door seals

The appliance must be horizontal, straight, without distortions, check this before starting work.

First it is better to clean the gum: apply 2 drops of ammonia and detergent to the sponge and wipe the contour of gum. It removes dirt, grease and gives elasticity.

Check where in the slot, pressing the strips of paper by the door.

In places where the slot is, you may put something  under the seal. If the gap is not more than 2 mm, it helps.

  • Impact on gum by hot air. Heat the gum by hairdryer (70-80 degrees). Then it will gain the desired shape “stand up” in place. Do not forget gloves!
  • Use a hot water. Washing with a hot water (from the kettle, for example) will lead to a seal gets the old needed form. Do not forget to lay a rag under the refrigerator for water harvesting.
  • A more complicated way – take an iron and treat the gum by hot steam.

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