How to clean a dishwasher with vinegar and soda?

A dishwasher is a real helping hand in every kitchen. Especially if you often have a lot of guests to wash dishes after, but you also appreciate your time and do not want to waste it on mountains of cutlery and dinnerware.

But, like every device, a dishwasher has to be cleaned regularly. Sometimes we do not even suspect about that and wonder why it doesn’t work properly. The reasons are forgotten leftovers, dirt, huge pieces of food and fat. They not just smell weird, but also reduces the capacity of a dishwasher.

cleaning a dishwasher

Though people are often afraid of that process, it’s not a rocket science, just follow our advice about how to clean a dishwasher!

Method 1: Vinegar and soda

Vinegar is a universal cleanser. It has acid, which helps in cooking, weeding your garden out, and cleaning your apartment. If you use vinegar and soda together, you will get the cheapest and the easiest to make detergent ever.

Vinegar and soda will help you to clean a dishwasher

Vinegar and soda will help you to clean a dishwasher

They say, that it’s possible to make a dishwasher have a fresh smell inside out. You just need to remove a dishwasher filter and put it into soapy water. Let it lie there for about 10 minutes. When you put the filter back, leave a glass of vinegar inside your dishwasher and let it complete a full cycle.

When it’s done, spread soda all over the bottom of your dishwasher. Leave it until tomorrow and then let it work again. After finishing your machine will smell like a new one.

Method 2: Borax

NB: borax and baking soda are not the same things. Borax is sodium borate, and soda is sodium bicarbonate.

Cleaning with borax (which is quite affordable for every housewife) is as easy as never. We recommend to wash out the bottom of a dishwasher and its door and then treat the surfaces with huge amount of borax. After that you turn your machine on and, when the cycle is over, wipe borax out with a wet sponge.

The last step is to put some borax into the soap dispenser next time you wash dishes. In future you may use your usual cleanser, but adding some borax. It will save your dishwasher from stains and food pieces.

Method 3: Bleach

The crucial element of bleach is sodium hypochloride, which also is very popular among housekeepers and is useful in many spheres.

We must warn you: bleach is destructive for stainless steel. So, if it’s the material the inner part of your dishwasher is made of, it would be better to clean the machine with something else instead.

The advantage of cleaning with bleach is the best way to clean up moldy surfaces. During the traditional cleaning, you can just clean it with vinegar and soda, but if you have to remove huge mould stains out of your dishwasher, it’s enough to use a glass of bleach instead of your standard detergent.  Turn high-temp wash and forget about your problem.

Method 4: Bath bomb for your dishwasher

Mix up two glasses of baking soda, three tablespoons of hydric dioxide and about 20 drops of volatile oil. Blend it until it reminds clay. And then give it a shape of a ball.

Before turning any program, make sure that there’s no leftovers, and the filter is clear. When your “bath bomb” of soda becomes hard, lay it on the bottom shelf. On the upper shelf you must leave a plate (before doing that, mix two glasses of vinegar and a tablespoon of detergent and run this mixture into the plate). Turn the machine on and enjoy the process of cleaning!

How to avoid that in future?

  • This may sound strange, but the more rarely you use your device, the less time it has left; and vice versa. So you must use that regularly, in order to make it easier to get rid of stuck leftovers. There’s no need to economize on cleanser or energy consumption.
  • Turn on hot water for a while before running a dishwasher. The plates will be clearer, when you wash them with hot water. You can use it later: for example, to water your plants. 50 C would be enough.
  • Turn on the utility worker before cleaning. The dishwasher usually uses the same drain hose, that’s why it’s recommended to keep the drain cleaned. If you have some problems with dishwasher, they have probably been caused by litter stuck in there.
  • Wash it with vinegar periodically.
  • Don’t put plates too close to each other to make the water access easier.
  • Wash small items together with forks and knives: that will save them from falling down. Some dishwasher models are already equipped with special baskets for small stuff.
  • Don’t wash containers and dinnerware with labels and stickers: you must unglue them before washing.
  • Remove big leftovers before putting dishes into a dishwasher.

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