How to choose a washing machine? Criteria of choice

Buying a new washing machine is sometimes quite a big issue because there are so many factors and characteristics to be considered. What are the first factors which you must pay attention to?

  • You must consider your needs. It means you must know what you are going to use your washing machine for. Of course, all the washers’ aim is to clean your clothes, but there are lots of additional options, which make sense. For example, you should think in advance whether you are going to wash clothes for an athlete (it means heavily soiled things), whether you are going to wash plenty of laundry or not, whether you need a gas dryer or an electric dryer. If you know your needs in advance, it will help you to make up your mind what kind of washing machine you need. Try your best to make your ultimate decision not so stressful.
  • You must look at technological progress. We are living in the 21st century – century of innovations and new technological decisions. It is obvious that washing machines have also undergone some changes from steam to sensors. Look at new technology and choose, which one can help you to do as much homework as possible without spending too much time.
  • Decide how much money you are going to spend to buy a new washing machine. People often say: money is never enough. Sometimes it is true but in most cases to save your family budget you must know for sure how much you can spend on a washer. If your budget is enough for a top-loading washing machine, don’t try to choose something from turbo-washing front-loaders. But you should keep in mind that many of retailers have seasonal sales or sometimes they organize sales on weekends or on holidays. Choose several companies that you can fully trust and subscribe to their news letters, which will be sent to your emails. This system without any doubt is very convenient. Moreover, you can get some coupons or bonuses, which will give you good discount while buying a new washing machine.

What to look for in a washing machine?

Answering the question what to look for in a washing machine you must think over carefully some factors before you go to the retailer’s shop to buy a new washer. What are these factors? Let’s enumerate them.

  • First of all you have to give the evaluation to the laundry you’re going to wash. If your family is large you should better consider buying a big washing machine because it will be able to handle a huge amount of clothes. If your apartment is big enough it will give you more flexibility to choose a bigger washer.dryers capacity
  • If you wear delicate clothes made of expensive fabrics you’d better choose a washing machine with cycles which are as delicate as hand-washing.
  • If you have to wash heavy clothes you may need a washer with extra spin and rinse cycles.
  • If you or your family-members wear sports uniform which is heavily soiled very often you should choose a washer with extra long wash as well as with presoaking cycles. In this case your clothes will be absolutely clean. If your clothes is a little bit soiled a washer with an option of a quick-wash will be quite suitable for you.
  • Decide for how long you are going to use a new washing machine. If you are going to move out in a few years there’s no need to buy an expensive washer more than 500 dollars.
  • Consider the space in your washroom. As a rule, the most popular washing machine’s size is 27 inches. Some washers have a dryer on their top, that’s why in case if your ceilings are high you can buy such kind of a washing machine.
  • Decide beforehand where you’re going to install your washing machine. For example, if you buy a top-loading washing machine and put it against the wall you won’t like a side-opening lid because every time it will hit against the wall.
  • Choice of a washer depends on such a factor where your washroom is situated. If it is in the basement it will be poorly lit. That’s why you may need a console with a good light. In case if your washing machine is situated near the bedroom you must be interested in the washer which produces no sound.
  • If you have children who go for sports even at home, you must look for such models, which have presoak cycles and with such settings of temperature that will automatically adjust the mixture of hot and cold water. If water is too cold detergent can’t be fully dissolved.

What tub to choose?

As a rule the sizes of tubes can vary from 2,45 to 3,3 cubic feet. Manufactures usually measure the tub’s size as extra-large, super-capacity, super- capacity plus and so on. These are words which sometimes can’t enlighten the essence. It happens often that some modifications of top-loading washers which are supposed to possess super-capacity are in reality very small and can’t handle loads of 12 pounds. That’s why specialists can advise you to choose washers with plus label. Most likely it will wash almost 15 pounds at one the same time. Or there is another option: you can choose a big front-loading washing machine or a top-loading washer without an agitator.

Conservation of water and energy

Customers often ask the question if washing machines conserve much energy and water. Retailers tend to give a positive answer. Washing machines which possess Energy Star label issued by the US Department of Energy have low-energy consumption.

Safety features

If you ask whether there are safety features in washing machines you will receive again a positive answer. Despite the fact that washing machines usually stop spinning while the spin cycle is in the process, some of them have special safety locks. This important feature prevents children from opening the washing machine while the spin cycle is being used.

Dials, push buttons, touch pads

There are different modifications of washing machines with dials, touch pads and push buttons. It is an open secret that touch pads have a sleek design and they are easier to be cleaned. We can’t say the same about push buttons and dials. You will have a real benefit  from buying a touch pad control: it will give you immediate feedback, icons, cycle time, lights – you will know everything what it is going on with your washing machine.

Delivery and installation

Before buying a new washing machine you should think over how it will be delivered and how it will be installed. Do you want to haul away your old washer? Does your town allow to pick up appliances? If you have decided to rearrange a washroom will you need electric or water to be hooked up? Even the question, who will be at home when your new washing machine will be delivered is very important. If you ant to install a washing machine in the basement make sure that it will fit in your house. It means that you should measure the entrance way.


As a rule, the manufacturers give 1 or 2 year warranty which is already included into the price. There are concrete details, such as tub, motor are covered with the warranty for a longer period. It depends on the brand. Sometimes warranties can be limited. You may need an extended warranty in case if even a simple repair is a big issue for you. There are such credit cards which can automatically extend the warranty and it will last for 1 year.

Anyway make sure first that the washing machine which you are planning to buy fits in all the demands and is of a good quality.

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